TSOA announced its final 2021 Driver of the Quarter and Driver of the Year awards.

TSOA announced its final 2021 Driver of the Quarter and Driver of the Year awards. 

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Vehicle transport company Transport Solutions of America (TSOA) announced a number of driver awards. The company recently announced its Q4 2021 Driver of the Quarter, 2021 Rookie Driver of the Year, and 2021 Driver of the Year award winners. In addition, the TSOA Upfitter Division announced its Q4 2021 Driver of the Quarter and its 2021 Driver of the Year award winners. 

Drivers are selected based on safe driving miles, DOT compliance, vehicle care, compliance with vehicle condition reporting and other required TSOA and client documentation.

“Our drivers are the key to our success so we make sure they are poised to meet all of the customer needs. Our driver recognition program is designed to award drivers for making our customer experiences memorable. Therefore, we show them we care through excellent pay, training, communication and recognition.” said Tim Williamson, TSOA’s Founder and CEO. 

TSOA Driver Awards

Steven Brown was named TSOA's Q4 2021 Driver of the Quarter. Brown hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and was deemed the most improved driver. He has been with TSOA for about a year and a half, first doing team runs and has made major improvements, according to a company reelease. Brown will take any run, showing flexibility and reliability, and has completed his runs over the quarter safely with no accidents.

When awarded this recognition, Steven commented, “What I really like about TSOA is that it opens up your mind to see things, betters your people skills meeting new people across the US, but the most fun part is traveling and getting the opportunity to see family in different states. There’s much more I could say! Let’s go TSOA and make 2022 a strong year!”

Tosha Evans was named TSOA's 2021 Rookie Driver of the Year. Evans first drove for TSOA's upfitter division before moving over to TSOA about a year ago. Evans was selected for her attitude, professionalism, reliability, safety and flexibility. Before coming to TSOA, she worked in the health care industry and stated she really needed a change. 

When awarded this recognition, Evans commented, “What I really like about TSOA is the freedom of the road, interacting with others along the way, seeing the country, and treating each and every vehicle as if it is my own. I am over the moon with appreciation for this recognition!” 

Erik Goetze was named TSOA's 2021 Driver of the Year. Goetze hails from Orlando but now resides in South Phoenix where he formerly taught martial arts before coming to TSOA almost four years ago. Goetze was selected for reliability, safety, consistency, driver mentoring, professionalism, and compliance with all client, TSOA and DOT requirements. He is a mentor to other TSOA drivers and one of the only TSOA drivers whose qualifications allow him to do cross boarder moves into Canada. 

When awarded this recognition, Goetze commented, “I enjoy helping other drivers, traveling and seeing the country and getting to see family and friends along the way. I get a chance to do random acts of kindness as well!” 

TSOA Upfitter Division Awards

Deandre Pierce was named as TSOA's Q4 2021 Upfitter Division Driver of the Quarter. Pierce was selected for his flexibility, safety, and compliance with all client, TSOA and DOT requirements. 

When awarded this recognition, Pierce commented, “Thank God for letting me be safe on the roads! A big shout-out to my dispatch team at TSOA who is always there for me and giving me good work! Hard work pays off!” 

DaVoya Andrews was named TSOA's 2021 Upfitter Division Driver of the Year. Andrews hails from Brooklyn and Queens, New York, but now resides in Atlanta. She has been with TSOA for three years. Andrews was selected for safety; compliance with all client, TSOA, and DOT requirements; efficiency; flexibility; assisting other drivers; and problem solving. 

When awarded this recognition, Andrews commented, “It is great to be awarded for what I love doing. I love driving, seeing the country, and helping customers. I am grateful to everyone on the TSOA team for all they do to help and get any problems resolved quickly!” 

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