The transmissions are designed for on-highway applications with high gross combined weight...

The transmissions are designed for on-highway applications with high gross combined weight ratings and severe-duty on/off highway applications.

Photo: Eaton Cummins 

Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies has released specifications for its new Endurant XD series and announced it will offer Endurant XD and Endurant XD Pro models.

The Endurant XD series are high-performance automated transmissions designed for on-highway applications with high gross combined weight ratings, such as double and triple trailer trucks, and severe-duty on/off highway applications like dump and logging trucks.

Production begins in the third quarter of 2022. Although the Endurant XD was originally announced to the trucking media in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a delay in the transmission becoming available. Truck manufacturers are expected to announce availability of the Endurant XD series at a later date.

The Endurant XD series features a twin-countershaft design with helical gearing and large bearings optimized for higher engine torque. A new 18D ratio set with 20.5:1 overall ratio with small, even steps ensures smooth shifts and performance in all driving conditions. It’s packaged in a clean, contained design with internal wiring and sensors to minimize exposure and corrosion for improved reliability. Overall, its design is 225 pounds lighter than comparable UltraShift Plus models.

A new, input shaft driven Power Takeoff (PTO) system delivers power to an 8-bolt bottom mount and 4-bolt rear mount that can operate independently of the transmission gear. The 4-bolt rear mount features an external pressurized lube port and a large center distance, an alternative when there’s no room for a bottom-mount PTO. Total combined PTO capacity is 160 hp or 610 lb.-ft. of torque.

The design features a Precision Lubrication system for up to 2% better fuel economy than UltraShift Plus. Smart features such as new internal oil temperature and fluid pressure sensors help protect the transmission from damage.

Trucks operating below 110,000 pounds don’t require a transmission cooler, reducing the risk of cooler leaks. Maintenance costs are minimized thanks to long service intervals – up to 500,000 miles depending on vehicle application.

New for the Endurant XD series are Performance Goals, which combine transmission shift points and clutch calibrations with unique software. This allows operators to easily tailor transmission performance to the demands of the job.

Endurant XD is rated for engines with a maximum torque rating of 1,650 to 1,850 lb.-ft. and is designed for on-highway applications up to 166,000 pounds Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR).

Endurant XD Pro adds even more capability and features for severe-service applications. It has an unlimited GCWR, PTO functionality, and long maintenance intervals. For long reversing distances and deep axle ratios, the Endurant XD Pro can be configured with up to six reverse gears. It can be paired with powerful engines, including the Cummins X15 series, with torque ratings from 1,650 to 2,050 lb.-ft.

Endurant XD Pro uses Eaton's Extreme Duty clutches, which feature robust components designed for increased durability, improved noise, and vibration, in addition to higher thermal capacity for enhanced low-speed maneuverability.

Unique software features to the Endurant XD Pro include Rock Free, which helps avoid getting stuck in sand, mud, or snow by using the accelerator to rock the vehicle free, and the Off-highway Performance Goal, which is an optimized calibration for operation on natural rolling terrain and soft soil.