New for the 2022 model-year, Ram is adding to its tech title with the integration of the Uconnect 5 system. The company’s in-car technology delivers faster operating speeds, new content, and improved customization for Ram pickups and Ram Commercial vehicles.

Uconnect 5 also offers new convenience and connected services, keeping Ram truck customers and fleet owners engaged and informed while drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

“A competitive advantage of our Uconnect 5 system lies in its ability to align with customer needs using personalization and unique content for each brand,” said Mamatha Chamarthi, Head of Software Business and Product Management. “The features and user experience are tailor-made for Ram trucks and Ram commercial vehicles, and will continue to expand with the digitalization of mobility.”

Pickup and commercial vehicle owners are unique when it comes to vehicle information because most of the time they operate close to or at maximum capability. Uconnect 5 allows users to create an exclusive home screen with a familiar feel.

Customers can personalize the Uconnect home screen with frequently used features for quick and easy access via one-touch operation. Whether it be towing 37,090 pounds in a Ram 3500 or hauling a heavy payload of recreational vehicles with family in the cab, the Uconnect 5 system can be customized to quickly give drivers the information they need in the cluster screen, centre screen or the heads up display (HUD).

For example, if towing a heavy load up a steep grade with 35+ degree Celsius temperatures, the operator may want to view a customized cluster of gauges to monitor the truck’s powertrain temperatures. Or if the vehicle is equipped with Ram’s Off-road package, customers can create a direct link to the Off-Road Pages app in the centre screen, all with one touch or less.Uconnect 5 features several fully customizable interfaces storing up to five different user profiles.

In the case of a pickup or multi-driver commercial vehicles, each operator can build their own profile, featuring preferences for music and vehicle operation. The system also connects vehicle-side systems to a driver’s profile such as temperature, seating position and mirror placement. Switching between user profiles can be handled by a single touch.


Additional features include: 

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto make it easy to stay connected to the vehicle and wireless charging further simplifies the experience. Additionally, when equipped with the available 12-inch touchscreen, Apple Car Play can now occupy the entire space.
  • Uconnect 5 also features a dual phone application that makes connecting and sharing easy for Ram pickup and Ram commercial fleet customers. Uconnect can manage input from both devices with the ability to name one a priority over the other for various functions, including navigation, music selection and text messages.
  • Uconnect’s navigation is an intuitive built-in solution from TomTom and includes traffic and connected services, giving drivers the latest information for a safer and smoother journey. Additionally, turn-by-turn navigation is available in the cluster and HUD with or without Apple Car Play or Android Auto.
  • Maps Over the Air and Last Mile Navigation also are new to Ram. The feature automatically detects, downloads and installs relevant available map updates in the background. Last Mile Navigation provides walking directions from your vehicle to your final destination, via the Uconnect companion smartphone app.
  • Servicing and updating your Ram has never been easier. The new Telematics Box Module (TBM) preps for growth and assists in quickly moving large amounts of data, engineered for the fastest speeds available.
  • With the available Uconnect app, a smartphone can start the engine, lock or unlock doors and receive notifications. Inside the vehicle, SOS Call provides external assistance at the touch of a button.
  • The Uconnect digital platform has become a significant reason for purchase, tailored for each brand, vehicle, and region. Research has shown that 51 per cent of new-car buyers consider in-vehicle technology as part of their purchase.
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