The StashBox is the first product from TruckStash.  -  Photo: TruckStash

The StashBox is the first product from TruckStash.

Photo: TruckStash

TruckStash has introduced StashBox, a lightweight, portable, weatherproof, and secure storage solution for pickup trucks.

StashBox can fit in any full-sized pickup truck without tools or installation. It also uses the tailgate to lock, seal, and secure cargo, and can be folded flat when not being used.

"StashBox is different than anything else on the market and designed for the modern truck owner," said Daniel Gardner, founder and president of TruckStash. "StashBox gives consumers the ability to use the bed of their truck for everyday tasks and frees up space in their cab. We wanted to make a product that would give truck owners more reasons to bring their trucks along on every adventure and to help families get the most out of their trucks. The average truck owner uses their truck to tow or haul two times per year. So, we took the things that people love about their SUVs or cars and have brought those features to the truck market."

StashBox weighs 35 pounds and can be put together with no tools, professional install, or need to drill into the truck bed. It was created with ABS Plastic and steel.  

Other features include:

  • Foldable: Conveniently folds down flat, so you can store StashBox in your truck bed or remove it entirely. Feel free to put mulch, firewood, furniture, etc. on top of the folded StashBox as it reduces to 6.5 inches so you can still access your entire truck bed.
  • Safe and Secure: A patent-pending system locks the StashBox between the truck and the tailgate so it can't be removed.
  • Weather Resistant: Now you can take your valuables anywhere, anytime as your truck's tailgate creates a weatherproof seal that keeps your cargo secure from the elements
  • Storage: Stashbox can store work tools and supplies, luggage on the way to the airport, supplies for a camping trip, a haul of groceries, and shopping bags. The netting included inside the StashBox helps to secure your items.