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Lytx launched two maintenance-related fleet technology features on July 13. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and Preventative Maintenance are features now available for small- and medium-sized businesses with light-duty fleets. Heavy-duty fleets can look for the feature later this year. 

“Fleets today must juggle multiple siloed technologies, making the task of running their businesses more complex than it needs to be,” said Rajesh Rudraradhya, Lytx’s chief technology officer. “At Lytx, we're working to connect the data that is in different systems to give customers what they need in one control pane within the Lytx portal. This gives clients the power to focus on what matters – saving time, reducing costs, and delivering the best for their customers.”

DTCs and Preventative Maintenance are included in the company’s Fleet Tracking Service. The data will be collected using of Lytx DriveCam’s device through the engine control module.

The features are available for light-duty fleets with the Lytx DriveCam SF64 device and an OBD-II ECM cable. The two features will be available for heavy-duty fleets later, according to the release.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

DTCs alert clients when something is wrong, and they will help reach faster resolution of maintenance issues. The feature will also decrease downtime for vehicles, according to Lytx. DTCs cover vehicle maintenance issues and surfaces diagnostic trouble through a DTC Insights Overview.

Clients can access the overview on the Lytx dashboard. If someone does not have access to the Lytx program, reports can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Preventative Maintenance

The Preventative Maintenance features helps fleets maintain vehicles to keep them running efficiently, scheduling regular service intervals and extending vehicle life.

“Maintenance costs are one of the most often-cited and top expenses for truck fleets,” said Jim Brady, Lytx vice president of product management. “On top of that, a vehicle that’s not out in the field working can critically impact productivity, profitability, and customer service. Our new maintenance management features help fleets ensure their vehicles receive the required maintenance service.”

Lytx’s new feature has an online dashboard to help manage service. The online dashboard has an array of uses for fleet managers. They can enter details about each service needed and how the task was completed. Managers can produce services and put together odometer-based service intervals. Like DTCs, the reports for Preventative Maintenance can be downloaded as a CVS file.

The features will be at no additional cost for clients who are subscribed to Lytx’s Fleet Tracking Service, according to Brady.

Lytx provides all-in-one video telematics, safety, analytics and solutions for productivity for field services, public sector, and commercial fleets.

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