The camera helps to reduce the number of accidents on job sites from blind spots.

The camera helps to reduce the number of accidents on job sites from blind spots.

Photo: Dakota Micro

The Dakota Micro rear-view EnduraCam camera improves safety by reducing the number of accidents on a job site from blind spots, and eliminates the need for a spotter or getting in and out of a vehicle/equipment to see progress. 

Its lense is built to operate in the harshest environments, and features:

  • Triple-hardened glass - resist scratching, scuffing, and static buildup (which attracts dust), meaning a better view in harsher environments.
  • Auto-focusing –focus past debris for an unobstructed view.
  • Auto-darkening – infrared lights that turn on automatically in low-light conditions to work longer into the night or earlier in the morning hours.
  • Photogray – like transitions lenses on eyeglasses, these photogray lenses darken in bright light conditions so you don’t just see a white-out on your screen.

Dakota Micro EnduraCam cameras are carved from a solid billet of anodized aluminum, increasing durability. Cast or molded metals are prone to breakage, especially in cold conditions. Plastic camera bodies are weakened in heat, cold, and sunlight. Steel cameras - while hardy - are expensive and rust when scratched. In contrast, Dakota Micro uses anodized aluminum, so it won’t rust when scratched or corrode when exposed to harsh elements or to caustic environments.

The company offers silicone-blend cables, which remain flexible in hot and cold conditions. Many manufacturers use PVC- jacketed cables, which become rigid in the cold and degrade in the heat. This can cause small breaks in the jacket, which allow water and particulates to penetrate and compromise the cables. The company also provides wireless solutions and adapter cables to retrofit into existing third party monitors.

EnduraCam cameras have high ingress and impact protection ratings, so they are suited for outdoor applications because they are completely dustproof and waterproof (plus can be submerged indefinitely), and hold up to high pressure power washes without breaking.

Dakota Micro offers repairable components that can save money over the lifetime of the product.

Originally posted on Government Fleet