Powered by AI, predictive analytics, and automation, Loadsure’s end-to-end digital platform...

Powered by AI, predictive analytics, and automation, Loadsure’s end-to-end digital platform enables freight brokers to secure all-risk smart coverage in under a minute and accelerate claims.

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Loadsure's per-load cargo insurance solution is now available to freight brokers via the Trucker Tools desktop dashboard. Now, brokers can cost-effectively cover loads in 40 seconds and accelerate shipper claims from an industry average of 120 days to just a few days—even minutes.

“Carrier liability policies are designed to protect the carrier,” says Loadsure CEO, Johnny McCord. “Shippers may think they’re covered, but broad policy exclusions leave them vulnerable and carrier negligence claims only pay pennies on the dollar. Loadsure enables brokers to instantly provide the wrap-around coverage shippers need to protect against risk exposure—while also simplifying and accelerating the claims process. It really is a win-win for everyone, from carriers, to brokers, to shippers.”

Loadsure’s fully digital solution has eliminated the labor intensive costs associated with conventional underwriting and claims processing, enabling the freight industry to rapidly—and cost-effectively—address risk exposure and protect business sustainability. The end result: Per-load coverage savings of as much as 80%, accelerated claims settlements, and near-instant access to funds.

“Freight brokers rely on us to deliver the solutions that will power their efficiency and profitability,” said Trucker Tools founder and chief executive, Prasad Gollapalli. “Loadsure enables us to continue delivering added value to the industry we support, making the task of protecting shippers from loss and strengthening relationships far easier.”

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