PORTLAND, OR - Freightliner Trucks today announced that it has delivered the first turnkey natural gas truck upfitted with a vacuum body. Developed in collaboration with VAC-CON, the Freightliner Business Class M2 112V Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) truck will also be equipped with a CNG-powered auxiliary-mounted engine that powers the truck's water system.  

Jacksonville, Fla.-based VAC-CON provides combination sewer cleaners to municipal and private markets throughout the world. Its combination cleaners combine high-pressure water and vacuum systems to effectively clean both sanitary and storm drainage infrastructure. VAC-CON tapped Freightliner Trucks to develop the CNG truck based on its ability to fulfill VAC-CON's unique specs and need for a turnkey chassis solution.

"There's a tremendous green movement happening now, and our customers are looking to us to provide efficient products with alternative fuel options," said Tom Jody, marketing manager for VAC-CON. "From the beginning, the team at Freightliner Trucks had a genuine interest in this concept, and in its success."

The truck will include an Allison 3000RDS transmission for optimum performance and efficiency. The ideal transmission for alternative fuel vehicles, Allison transmissions include patented torque converter technology that results in improved startability at the launch of the vehicle, full power shifts, and a better performing engine.
The Freightliner M2 112V also features a 2,500 square-inch windshield for enhanced visibility; outstanding maneuverability; and a roomy interior for exceptional driver comfort.

"VAC-CON strives to provide our customers with the best blend of cleaning equipment and chassis, and because our focus is on the cleaning equipment, it makes our relationship with Freightliner Trucks extremely important," said Jody. "The CNG project was truly a partnership and we look forward to continuing our work with Freightliner to further refine this and other natural gas products."

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