ITI offers add-ons to ClearDrive to help prevent on-the-job injuries, including  OSHA and...

ITI offers add-ons to ClearDrive to help prevent on-the-job injuries, including  OSHA and warehouse courses.

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Instructional Technologies Inc., providers of training solutions for the transportation industry, announced ClearDrive online training programs for delivery van, commercial sedan, and work truck drivers. The defensive driving courses are specifically designed to help delivery, vocational and mobile sales and service fleet operations improve safety. They're backed by ITI’s advanced learning management system and based on the company's 25 years of training truck drivers.

“Whether driving is the job, or driving gets your employees to the job, good defensive driving habits are essential for preventing crashes and injuries, and limiting a company’s liability,” said Jim Voorhees, CEO and founder of ITI. “According to the 2019 Travelers Risk Index, one in four businesses have had an employee get in a distraction-related crash while driving for work. ClearDrive can cost effectively deliver the training your mobile workforce needs to reduce that risk, and improve safety for your employees and other motorists.”

ClearDrive is focused on the unique hazards and distractions associated with driving in operations where drivers are in and out of their vehicles frequently and have to navigate urban traffic hazards on busy roads over variable routes.

The courses cover common safety issues associated with urban and residential driving, including distractions, planning, fatigue, space management, hazards, speed control, stops, parking, loading and unloading, and customer interaction and communication.

ClearDrive courses are short and easy to understand, according to ITI. They feature fast narration and a simple, logical, and progressive presentation so drivers grasp safety concepts quickly. Built on the same mastery-based learning principles used by ITI to train professional truck drivers for the past 25 years, the program requires that drivers score 100% at each step before moving onto the next section of the course.

ITI offers add-ons to ClearDrive to help prevent on-the-job injuries, including  OSHA and warehouse courses. ITI also offers the ability to edit existing ClearDrive courses to fit a company’s needs, to host company-specific training content on its server, and to use its production team to create custom courses.

The turnkey ClearDrive solution, offered with predictable seat-based pricing, combines with ITI’s Sentix Pro learning management system (LMS). Sentix simplifies onboarding new drivers and managing training, according to the company. It provides tools for automatic assignment of training based on hire dates, telematics, and other data. For ongoing training, course scheduling can be targeted to any group. In Sentix, completions, progress tracking and custom reporting all happen in real time. The LMS also integrates with HR systems.

“With the increase in deliveries to homes and businesses during the coronavirus shutdown, risk mitigation is even more important for delivery and light-duty vehicle fleets,” Voorhees added. “A ClearDrive professional defensive driving course is the first step toward keeping drivers on the front lines and others safe.”

ITI is offering free training on COVID 19: What Delivery Drivers Need To Know. The online course trains delivery drivers to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it could affect their work and safety, and provides steps to keep themselves and others safe while they remain on the front lines delivering essential goods to homes and businesses.

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