The 55AB-6200 is available with up to five fluid tanks ranging from 60 to 180 gallons, and the...

The 55AB-6200 is available with up to five fluid tanks ranging from 60 to 180 gallons, and the Sage Oil Vac exclusive pressure and vacuum system enables vacuum filling from bulk tanks on the driver's side of the machine.

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Sage Oil Vac offers a full line of mobile engine lubrication and oil change systems featuring pump-free designs that enable fast, clean jobsite machinery maintenance. The company is showing off it's full line of products at The Work Truck Show 2020, held in Indianapolis March 3-6. 

Available at a network of 36 dealer locations around North America, Sage Oil Vac systems range from small wheeled systems for the maintenance shop to the largest oil and fluid management trucks to service machinery on large construction, excavation, and oilfield jobsites.

Though the product line has grown and diversified since farmer and inventor Gary Sage developed his first system in 1993, the end goal is the same: Make changing oil and providing engine lube services a clean, efficient process that doesn’t hold up progress on the jobsite.

“Following maintenance schedules closely is critical to the longevity of today’s high-performance diesel machinery. Sage Oil Vac systems were designed to enable operators to follow maintenance schedules with minimal downtime,” said Sage Oil Vac CEO Aaron Sage. “Efficiency is growing in importance in all the industries we serve, and that’s a huge part of what drives how we develop our systems to help our customers get their jobs done.”

Given the wide range of sizes and functionality, Sage systems can now be found in maintenance shops, mounted on service vehicles and working on jobsites to make routine maintenance for efficient and cleaner to perform.

The full Sage Oil Vac lineup includes:

The Sage Oil Vac 55AB-6200 Class 5/6 Truck Lube Body

The Sage Oil Vac 55AB-6200 exemplifies the full lineup of truck bodies — including Class 7 and Class 8 — that can provide service to machinery fleets ranging from dozers and excavators to rental generators. The 55AB-6200 is available with up to five fluid tanks ranging from 60 to 180 gallons, and the Sage Oil Vac exclusive pressure and vacuum system enables vacuum filling from bulk tanks on the driver's side of the machine.

Constructed of a steel subframe and lightweight aluminum cabinets, the truck body features LED fluid level indicators near hose reels and five tool storage drawers that add to the convenience and efficiency of maintenance on the jobsite.

The Sage Oil Vac 2M46-3100 Service Skid

The Sage Oil Vac 2M46-3100 is one of five lube skid models that provide operators industry-leading versatility through customizable options to fit any maintenance vehicle. The largest of the five models, the 2M46-3100 is forklift-compatible and provides two 30-gallon fresh fluid tanks and one 60-gallon used fluid tank and a 12-cubic feet/minute vacuum compressor powered by a 6-horsepower Kohler engine.

Three filtered hoses for moving fresh and used fluid and an optional air hose contribute to the system's integrated fluid offload capability, while patented vacuum fluid movement and Used Filter Receptacle help keep oil changes clean and efficient.

The Sage Oil Vac 1F6J-6101 Lube Trailer

For maintenance jobs requiring major capacity and flexibility, the 1F6J-6101 bumper-pull fuel and lube trailer is the right Sage Oil Vac system. The heavy-duty tandem-axle trailer has a 700-gallon fresh fluid capacity and features a large filter and tool storage area. In addition to five tanks to house used and fresh fluid, the F6J-6101 features a 120-gallon fresh coolant tank and 120-pound grease keg holder. A 13-horsepower electric-start Honda engine powers a 24-cubic feet/minute vacuum compressor with a maximum pressure of 125 pounds per square inch (PSI). The 1F6J-6101 features the patented Sage Oil Vac vacuum system for loading and offloading fluids, as well as filters and strainers in hoses and lines to keep fluids clean.

The 21-foot-long trailer with a weight range of 7,560 to 12,940 pounds features tandem 8,000-pound leaf spring axles, electric brakes, a universal 2 5/16-inch universal hitch as well as a tongue-mounted toolbox, Department of Transportation-approved lighting and a seven-plug electric adapter.

The Sage Oil Vac 3011-1100 Lube Cart

For working in a shop or are tackling a smaller fluid exchange job, the Sage Oil Vac 3011-1100 oil evacuation lube cart is the right system for the job. The 30-gallon-capacity system enables the operator to vacuum fluids directly from a pan or equipment, making for a safe, clean job. Mounted on a two-wheel dolly, the 26-inch-tall lube cart system features a 15-foot hose and has a maximum operating weight of 379 pounds (172 kg). The 3011-1100 vacuum generator requires an additional air source and is compatible with the patented Sage Oil Vac Filter Stinger™. Other Sage Oil Vac lube cart models are available for fluid evacuation, recycling, delivery and exchange.

Sage Oil Vac LubeBuilder Systems

If no single complete Sage Oil Vac system has the perfect capacity and features, the best option is a LubeBuilder system. With the LubeBuilder system, service technicians can customize an entire optimized lube vehicle system a la carte, building in the specific features they need and none of those they don't.

The LubeBuilder system offers full customization of tank number, overall capacity and tank placement and accounts for installation and vehicle, be it a crane truck, van body or enclosed truck. Based on a one-on-one design consultation with a Sage Oil Vac specialist, LubeBuilder systems include a full kit with fasteners and tools to finish the job and begin cleaning up jobsite machinery fluid exchanges.

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