Sage Oil Vac launched the NextLube monitor system. While it might not be large in size, the all-new NextLube monitor system will bring huge improvements in terms of productivity and ease of use as an optional add-on for Sage Oil Vac lube trucks and trailers. 

Based on customer feedback, Sage developed this system to allow more operator control. The touchscreen will take out the manual actuation of valves as a centralized control panel. With more information given to the operator, this product will also simplify the job by reducing the learning curve for new operators. Benefits include intuitive touchscreen controls, real-time fluid levels, displays gallons of oil available, all in a central, easy-to-use control panel.

“This could include running the system from an app on a smartphone or tablet, or incorporating back-end costs and telematics to specific equipment. The sky is the limit.”

  With more information given to the operator, NextLube simplifies tasks and reduces the learning curve for new operators and increased safety benefits on the job.