Volvo Trucks has partnered with telematics provider Geotab to provide an integrated Electronic...

Volvo Trucks has partnered with telematics provider Geotab to provide an integrated Electronic Logging Device solution for all Volvo-powered trucks model-year 2015 and newer. 

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Volvo Trucks North America has partnered with telematics provider Geotab to offer an integrated electronic logging device solution for all Volvo-powered trucks of model year 2015 and newer.

The solution couples Volvo’s factory-fit telematics device with Geotab’s ELD application and uses a cloud-based system for more reliable data capture and delivery, compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, and full compatibility with Android and iOS platforms. This integrated solution offers an easy way to monitor and record hours of service compliance information, including records of duty status and driver vehicle inspection reports.

Accessing ELD data through the MyGeotab portal enables fleet managers to keep track of fleet compliance with real-time data insights through a user-friendly interface where they can view detailed reports on driver logs, violation alerts and running reports on the status of the fleet, among other things.

Geotab Drive for Volvo Trucks’ cloud-based system provides customers with more reliable ELD data-capture capabilities. Reliable and robust, this solution helps to keep HOS data safe and secure, and avoids potential pitfalls associated with other solutions that are hardwired, require pairing, or ask drivers to download data records onto a USB, according to VTNA.

"Volvo Trucks began partnering with Geotab in 2016 to improve telematics capabilities in its trucks. The OEM’s onboard telematics hardware ties in with Geotab’s ELD platform for “the most seamless and efficient solution possible,” noted Johan Agebrand, VTNA’s director of product marketing.

VTNA’s sister company Mack Trucks separately announced at the ATA meeting that it is rolling out Geotab Drive for Mack Trucks.

“Mack Trucks is pleased to work with Geotab to use existing cloud-based technology for reporting ELD information and helping fleets ensure they are maintaining driver hours of services compliance,” said David Pardue, vice president of connected vehicle and contract services, in a news release.“ Cloud-based data reporting simplifies the process for customers, and because it does not require them to purchase a new ELD device or for them to be reliant on hardware devices or a wireless connection, it makes data collection more reliable.”

Pardue added that the telematics device, factory-installed in every Mack vehicle, sends engine data and positional data to the cloud, which then generates automatic duty status logs. A driver can choose to enter duty status logs manually through the Geotab Drive app on a mobile device, which will then be consolidated into an accurate record of duty status.

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