-  Photo courtesy of John Bean

Photo courtesy of John Bean

The new John Bean T2545T Swing Arm Tire Changer is ideal for handling passenger cars, light trucks, and high-performance wheel and tire assemblies.

“The ergonomic design and safety-enhancing features of the new John Bean T2545T tire changer provide the user a safe work space when changing a variety of tires,” said Adam Brown, director of product management for John Bean. “The T2545T is easy to set up, simple to use and offers a large range of capacity. Its compact design gives it a small footprint, even with larger tire sizes.”

The tire changer features a locking mount/demount head offset, which offers maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels, significantly reducing the risk of harming wheel and tire assemblies. The robust design includes precision-cast and machined shoes with robust cast jaws for precise clamping.

The heavy-duty pneumatic valves are simple to operate and offer intuitive functionality. A powerful electric motor generates 885 lb.-ft. of torque to the turntable to mount stiff, difficult tires. Another unique feature of the T2545T is its newly designed bead breaker control, which is ergonomic to operate.