-  Image courtesy of The Work Truck Show

Image courtesy of The Work Truck Show

The Work Truck Show 2019 is schedule March 5-8, 2019 to be held at the Indianapolis Convention Center. The show is a once-a-year chance to see new industry products, choose from dozens of industry-focused training courses, and gain access to technical engineering representatives from hundreds of exhibiting companies. Attendees can interact with thousands of industry professionals, set up meetings with current suppliers or customers; find solutions to resolve technical issues, and talk shop with industry peers at special events and receptions. 

Check out this year's photo gallery of the top products to check out at The Work Truck Show 2019. 


Booth #5719

Van WallSlide
CargoGlide Van WallSlide allows everything stored on a fixed shelf, drawer, or bin to roll out to the driver at chest height. The WallSlide system is a steel framework mounted inside a van with aluminum bare walls that slide in and out on the framework. The bare walls allow fleets to customize vans with any shelving, bin, or container combo. Additionally, the WallSlide can be manually or automatically driven. 

Truck WallSlide
The CargoGlide Truck WallSlide system is a steel framework mounted inside a truck, which allows everything stored on a fixed shelf, drawer, or bin to roll out to at chest height. With a 500- to 1,500-pound capacity, each bare aluminum wall slides in and out on the framework for full cargo access. Additionally, fleets can customize the walls with a variety of shelving, bins, or containers. The Truck WallSlide can be manually or automatically driven.


Booth #5081

Cummins L9N
The 2018 L9N natural gas engines from Cummins Westport are certified to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) optional low NOx emission standard of 0.02 g/bhp-hr, which is 90% fewer NOx emissions than the current North American EPA standard. Offering 320 hp and 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque with improved performance and reliability, the near-zero-emissions L9N is a great fit for transit, refuse, and truck applications.

Cummins B6.7
The Cummins EPA2017 B6.7 model has delivered a 5% average fuel economy improvement on performance ratings (280-325 hp and 660-750 lb.-ft. of torque) and an 8.5% average fuel economy improvement on efficiency ratings (260-200 hp and 520-660 lb.-ft. of torque). And, the B6.7 also demands a greater return at resale, giving customers a higher return on investment.


Booth #4397

DECKED Service Body Fitment
DECKED is introducing the addition of a new service body fitment to its line of products for commercial and fleet operators. DECKED for service body trucks feature a 2,000-pound system payload and 200-pound per drawer load capacity with a product weight of under 220 pounds. Weatherproof and secure, the fitment is adapted to interface with service body beds. The DECKED fitment is positioned at the tailgate end of the bed, leaving space toward the cabside end to house additional equipment.


Booth #5395

Derive VQ
With a 4G LTE direct data connection to the vehicle, Derive VQ captures and seamlessly delivers valuable fleet vehicle insights related to fuel efficiency, driver behavior, and vehicle health. Derive customers can actively manage their fleet with technology that governs the speed of their vehicles and reduces fuel consumption through direct performance upgrades. This allows customers to increase driver safety and improve fuel efficiency. Derive also provides performance data capture and safety features such as seatbelt dependent start.

Derive Mission Control Dashboard
Interconnected to the fleet vehicle and fleet driver, the Derive Mission Control Dashboard provides a holistic view of fleet operations enabling fleet leadership to improve performance proactively and cost-effectively. 


Booth #1901

EZ1000 LED Series
ECCO’s third brake light platform for LED brake lights is constructed with durability in mind for even the toughest of jobs. The platform mounts behind the factory third brake light and clamps to the body opening. The factory light is then reinstalled over the mount. The design meets the demands of heavy-duty applications without damaging the vehicle and enables the mounting of products such as beacons and work lamps to the top of the truck. This mount is designed to fit the Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350.

EW3420 Series
ECCO’s combination utility bar utilizes exclusive optics to combine a high-intensity Safety Director with the powerful illumination output of a work light. Steady-burn amber mode is ideal for inclement weather and high-dust environments. Brackets included for front- or rear-vehicle mounting. Features include a weather-protected controller connection 12-24 VDC operation, 5-watt LEDs, aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, and a three-year warranty.


Booth #5467

GPS Insight Pro
For businesses and government entities looking for more than simply dots on a map, GPS Insight Pro is a solution that serves as a fleet management partner to help solve challenges involving a lack of employee accountability, concerns about driver and public safety, and inefficiencies that waste valuable time and money. GPS Insight takes a consultative approach with customers to create a solution that provides the insight needed to make a difference in their organization. 

GPS Insight Hours of Service Solution
This vehicle-installed ELD solution helps fleets get ELD compliant and overcome other challenges beyond simply compliance. Fleets pay less in the long run with a vehicle-installed option vs. BYOD and receive more bang for their buck. GPS Insight includes the data plan at no additional cost, is safe to operate for drivers, and provides other advanced telematics capabilities to better manage a fleet. 


Booth #5646

Hannay E1500 Reel
The lightweight Hannay E1500 reel is designed to handle long lengths of hose, featuring an electric-powered chain and sprocket drive. The reel excels in applications such as pressure washing, air compression, steam cleaning, hydraulics, chemical transfer, fuel dispensing, fire protection, water supply, sewer cleaning, and general agriculture.

Hannay B700 Hose Reel
The N700 hose reel is specially engineered to streamline work truck operations, lubrication, washdown, air/water transfer, and a wide variety of other industrial applications. The reel has a narrow frame and compact footprint for use in limited-space work environments, allowing it to easily attach to trucks and cranes, fit in small compartments and mount on carts, racks, and dispensing units.  


Booth #N23

Fleet Management Solutions
Merchants Fleet provides customers with innovative fleet management solutions. The newest offering from Merchants includes its Truck Rental program, which offers 4x4 light- and medium-duty truck rentals nationally. Custom packages are available and feature unlimited mileage, towing packages, national pick up/delivery, custom upfitting, 24/7 roadside assistance, fuel cards, maintenance, and more.


Booth #4189

EnPak A30 Diesel Power System 
For work truck fleet managers looking to keep idle time off their Class 3-5 trucks, the EnPak A30 power system is the quietest, most fuel-efficient all-in-one that maintains PTO-driven power capabilities in a compact, lightweight solution that’s backed by industry-leading reliability and performance from Miller. 


Booth #5492

Mobileye 6 Series
Today, 94% of collisions are due to human error. The Mobileye 6 Series collision avoidance system helps drivers by acting as a “third eye,” constantly monitoring the road in front of the vehicle. It identifies potentially dangerous situations by analyzing the risk of forward collision, lane departure, headway/following time, excessive speed, and pedestrian hazards. When a threat is detected, Mobileye 6 warns the driver with visual and audible alerts in real time, providing the critical seconds needed to possibly avoid, or mitigate, a collision. 


Booth #3227

FR6Q Power Take-off
Muncie Power Products’ quiet FR6Q power take-off (PTO) features the latest in noise reduction technology, encompassing a patent-pending spring-loaded rocker mechanism that eliminates virtually all gear rattle noise. The FR6Q is designed to fit 4x2 and 4x4 Ford Super Duty trucks, F-350 to F-550, with the Ford 6R140 transmission (may also be used on F-650/F-750 trucks). Muncie Power’s FR6Q is suited for the tow and recovery, dump, utility, and snow and ice markets as well as applications such as cranes, compressors, and vacuum tanks. 

Titan MC1 Power Take-off
The first power take-off (PTO) in Muncie Power Products’ Titan Class of PTOs, the Titan MC1 is a medium-duty, 10-bolt clutch shift PTO. The Titan MC1 features an easier installation with increased clearance and access to flange and mounting bolts via key features such as a unique shift cover and solenoid that allow for 360 degrees of rotation. The Titan MC1 is designed for Allison 3000/4000 transmissions and is applicable for several markets including dump, fire and rescue, refuse, tow and recovery, snow and ice, utility, and bulk hauling. 


Booth #921

ROUGHNECK Running Board
The ROUGHNECK running board by ROM features an extremely aggressive no-slip grip surface that is self-cleaning and corrosion-resistant. Install simply, without drilling, on any Ford Super Duty truck to prevent slips.

DeployPro by Prime Design is the industry’s only ergonomic, rear-deploying solution for safe and productive fleet vehicles. The patent-pending, rear-deploy design allows the user to safely load and unload ladders from behind the vehicle, shielded from potential road hazards or traffic. The system’s ergonomic features help to protect the operator from muscle stress, strain, and fatigue.


Booth #3067

Class 5 Lube Truck Bodies
Sage Oil Vac has created a line of lube truck bodies to fit in a Class 5 truck chassis with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) ranging from 16,001-19,500 pounds. A Class 5 lube truck body can transform the average truck into a heavy-duty maintenance vehicle with an array of industry applications. This product line features Sage Oil Vac fluid control panels to make bulk fluid loading a cinch from ground level. From diesel generator maintenance to traditional fleet maintenance, a Class 5 lube truck body is economical and packaged for operator convenience.

NextLube Monitor System
The Sage Oil Vac NextLube monitor system improves mobile service technicians’ on-the-job productivity with an intuitive touch screen display that simplifying adding and changing fluids while providing detailed information to the operator. The touch screen automates tank fluid control, displays fluid levels in gallons instead of percentages, gives the operator the ability to better label what fluids are in the onboard tanks and is easy to learn and use.


Booth #3267

Stellar TMAX 30K Aluminum
The Stellar TMAX 30K Aluminum service body is designed to serve municipal markets, contractors, and others needing a service crane that lifts 5,000 pounds or less.  The TMAX 30K weighs nearly 500-pounds less than its heavy-duty counterpart, the TMAX 1.

Stellar Flex36 Hooklift Hoist
The Stellar Flex36 can handle dump containers ranging from 8 to 15 feet and flatbeds ranging from 10 to 16 feet and has a lifting capacity of up to 16,000 pounds. It has a maximum dump angle of 50 degrees to 54 degrees, depending on the length of body. Features also include standard in-cab controls that allow for precise metering of the hydraulic valve and patented dump/load interface.


Booth #5783

Multi-Tank Platform Fuel Diesel Fuel Hauling Solution
Thunder Creek Equipment’s new medium-duty truck body, the Multi-Tank Upfit, can haul bulk diesel on the road without requiring a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement (Title 49 [CFR49] – local regulations may apply). Each truck is outfitted with eight independent 115-gallon tanks only connected when a common manifold is opened at the pumping station. The rear utility box of the new design contains the diesel pump and manifold system. Options include a variety of meters for measuring, security, and tracking as well as numerous reel options and lengths. 


Booth #3411

Venturo HT45KX-25 Hydraulic Service Crane 
Venturo’s new HT45KX telescopic crane has a maximum capacity of 7,800 pounds, crane rating of 45,600 ft.-lbs. with a 25-foot reach, and features Venturo’s all-new Venturo Logic Control (VLC) system. The new VLC crane control system features beneficial operator safety controls such as a standard wireless, pistol-grip controller with detailed LCD display screen text and alert vibrations, crane overload protection, underside of boom alert light, and vehicle stability and grade control.  

Venturo ET12KXP Electric-Hydraulic Service Crane 
The Venturo ET12KXP crane offers precise load control of hydraulic functions including rotation, elevation, and extension with no manual extensions. A 9- to 16-foot one-piece boom of hexagonal construction minimizes weight and maximizes reach and sectional stability. The crane features easy access housing for better serviceability and lighter weight. Features include an auto-adjust A2B device and dual-pole slip ring. 


Booth #5281

Verizon Connect Asset Tracking 
Verizon Connect is expanding its existing asset tracking portfolio with a new device for trailers and other powered and non-powered assets that provides near real-time location alerts. The new device also alerts fleet managers in the event of significant changes to the asset’s temperature, tilt, vibration, shock, humidity, light, and pressure, which is especially critical with high-value trailer loads. With secure wireless data encryption, settings are configured over the air.   

Workforce Mobile App
The enhanced Workforce mobile app provides a rich user experience to help drive productivity for the mobile worker. The application lets users view upcoming jobs, mark jobs as complete, coordinate with the back office, and obtain customer signatures all in one place. Additionally, users can complete job forms electronically, including adding photos or a customer signature for proof of service, assign vehicles, and access driver and vehicle inspection reports. Included with any Workforce subscription, the app will be available in early 2019 on iOS and Android devices. 

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