Photo of TufTrac Suspension courtesy of ATRO Parts

Photo of TufTrac Suspension courtesy of ATRO Parts

The Freightliner TufTrac Suspension is designed for vocational uses including refuse, construction, asphalt spreader, heavy hauling, mining, logging, oil/gas field service, and high-center-of-gravity applications; 40k, 46k, and 52k capacities.

TufTrac combines parabolic springs with elastomeric load cushions. The center elastomer load cushion acts as a pivot point to allow articulation while smoothing out the typically harsher ride experienced with spring-only suspensions. The end spring pads cushion the ride, especially when unladen, and reduce noise and vibration. This suspension design also raises the undercarriage components for more ground clearance.

The OE offers two options for the 40k and 46k models: TufTrac and 2-Stage Tuftrac. The two-stage version
uses a load cushion with a softer spring rate due to voids in the rubber material between the steel plates.

Upper and Lower Spring Pads:

  • Proprietary polyurethane formulated to absorb shock & dampen vibration for improved ride quality
  • Updated design reduces stress on the part for better durability
  • Resistant to dynamic compression set

Lower Torque Rods:

  • ATRO's rotating torque rod bushing pin design reduces inventory costs by eliminating the need for two different
  • torque rods for front & rear locations
  • Rotating pin makes installation easier and eliminates torsional stresses

Torque Rod Bushings:

  • OE bushings are snap ring retained; ATRO's bushings are press fit
  • ATRO bushing sold separately; TS46-22300 to rebush ATRO torque rods only