VMAC’s DTM70-H is a direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulics that offers up to 70 CFM of air at 100 p.s.i. and up to 14.9 GPM of hydraulic flow at 3,265 p.s.i., all at 100% duty cycle.

The air compressor is designed for faster installation than comparable hydraulic systems. It is also designed to be lightweight, resulting in up to 600 pounds in reduced truck gross vehicle weight, according to VMAC.

The DTM70-H is an underdeck PTO driven system meaning that there’s no footprint on the truck deck. This cleaner look can also create more space for storing tools and equipment in the back of the truck.

The DTM70-H can be installed on 2017-2018 Ford F250-F550 Super Duty diesel trucks and is backed by a VMAC Lifetime Limited Warranty.