American Augers collected input from horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractors to create the DD-240T Midi Rig. The result is a 240,000-pound HDD rig with a modular design that offers a wide array of configurations. Customers can choose a frame size to accommodate a Range 2 pipe or 20-foot pipe, and can order the DD-240T with or without onboard fluid pump, with pipe-loader or full-length manway.

The range 2 rig’s 52.6-foot length and 8.2-foot width make it easy to transport, set up, and take down, and offers more production capability than many units with larger dimensions, according to the company. Maximum thrust and pullback force are rated at 240,000 pounds, with 30,000 lb.-ft. of rotary torque at 50 rpm. Maximum rotary torque is 43,900 lb.-ft. at 37 rpm.

The moveable cab accommodates both driller and wire-line operator and can be set off-board to reduce vibration. No other rig in this class size features a dual-person cabin. The new operator’s platform features touchscreen control. Individual controls can be programmed to match any control system a given drill operator is familiar with, helping any driller comfortably transition to the unit from other makes and models.  

The unit’s 523-hp Mercedes-Benz Tier 4 Final engine supports running rotary torque, push/pull, and onboard fluid pump all at high levels without having to prioritize one function over others. The smart engine design achieves EPA Tier 4F compliance without requiring any regen cycle, so drilling operations are never interrupted due to engine derating.