The OTC 3211 from OTC Tools, a Bosch brand, is an OBD I & II scan tool. It includes coverage OBD I GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota vehicles and all 1996 and newer cars and light trucks. The 3211 is equipped with a CodeConnect database, complete with more than 26-million fixes for issues that are both vehicle and code specific.

Features of the OTC 3211 include: 

  • OBD I Cables for 1984-95 GM and Ford vehicles, as well as 1989-95 Chrysler and Toyota vehicles.
  • OBD I Live engine data for pre-1996 vehicles for faster vehicle diagnosis.
  • ABS and air bag code coverage for most domestic and Asian vehicles from 1996-2013.
  • Color screen, oil light reset, dual PID graphing, and battery life reset.

Work Truck had an opportunity to review and test the scanner and found it incredibly easy-to-use for an OBD-II scan. The plug-and-play capabilities made it simple to diagnose a check engine light on a 2001-MY Toyota Highlander and provided common fixes to the problem. Several codes appeared, and with the fixes provided, it was determined to be simply a disconnected hose. The scanner made it easy to recheck the vehicle after the repair was completed to ensure the problem was fixed and clear the light. 

This tool is great for fleet managers who are looking took diagnose problems prior to taking a vehicle to a repair shop, or for technicians in in-house maintenance facilities. 

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