OnTerra Systems’ RouteSavvy software is the company’s newest version of route planning technology. This software version allows any business that drives to multiple stops in the course of the day (delivery and pickup services, florists, construction services, sales professionals, etc.) to input destination addresses into RouteSavvy, which then creates an optimized route saving time and fuel costs.  

RouteSavvy features easy importable spreadsheets, auto-save and project-based files similar to a desktop application, and ad hoc coloring and organization of location data.

ROI is immediate, and this product is affordable, even for small businesses and individual professionals, according ot the company.

In addition, RouteSavvy from OnTerra Systems is designed as an effective, affordable replacement for Microsoft’s MapPoint and Streets & Trips route planning software products, which were discontinued on Dec. 31, 2014. RouteSavvy is priced comparably to MapPoint and Streets & Trips, and has a very similar interface, according to the company.