Having the most up-to-date shop and tech equipment is not a luxury; it is a necessity to compete in today’s marketplace. The new Snap-on Shop and Tech catalog provides Snap-on customers with the most innovative tools and equipment available, giving them the competitive edge needed to succeed while enhancing the bottom line.

The new Snap-on Shop and Tech catalog features such equipment as the 140A “Muscle MIG” Welder (MM140SL), providing users with higher-duty cycles at maximum amperage for longer continuous weld times. Also included are the latest in diagnostic solutions such as the ETHOS Plus (EESC319) handheld scan tool and the innovative BK8000 Wireless Advanced Digital Camera Videoscope.

Equipment for battery systems and emissions service is available at special pricing, including the D-TAC Elite Diagnostic Tester and Charger (EECS306C) and the portable EVAP Smart Smoke Machine (EELD500) that can diagnose eight of the top 10 emission DTC codes.

Customers can request a copy of the new Snap-on Shop and Tech catalog by contacting their participating Snap-on franchisee or representative or by viewing it online at www.snapon.com.