The  Draw-Tite Class 5 Ultra Frame hitches have some distinctive attributes.

“Our new Ultra Frame is a change from regular receiver hitches,” states John Walsh, VP of sales at Cequent Performance Products.  “Hitches have largely been tube construction. In our Ultra Frame line-up, which is heavy-duty trailer hitches, we’ve moved to a cast center section. It has strength and aesthetic characteristics, as well as a larger chain hook-up for easy access. It’s a next-generation hitch.”

Draw-Tite’s new Ultra Frame hitch, with the cast center section, has a higher towing capacity and tongue weight rating than standard hitches. For example, new Ultra Frame hitches for the Ford F-350, 450, and 550 (Cab & Chassis) are rated for 16,000 lbs. of towing, and 2,400 lbs. of weight carrying tongue weight.

 Being receptive to customer input is a key element in Cequent’s approach to towing.  In addition to drawing upon the company’s long-standing heritage in the towing market, Cequent takes a two-pronged approach to developing new products. 

 The first part is the essential due diligence exercised in designing, developing and producing a product. The second aspect involves working in concert with customers to identify potential users who actually field test the products under real-world conditions. “When we develop new products, we want a trailer hitch to interact very cleanly with the electrical harness, coupler, jack and other products we’ve designed.  So we go to great lengths to meet, and sometimes develop, the highest criteria of testing standards,” said Walsh. “We also work with our dealers to connect us with professionals to test and critique our products before we commercialize them. At the end of the day, this approach helps us understand what our products are being used for and how to make sure the consumer will be happy.”

“Cequent’s size and breadth of products, combined with the markets we serve, gives us the ability to design products for future vehicle trends,” said Walsh. “We’ve made a conscious decision to stay focused on innovation and developing new products. Our goal is to constantly reinvigorate our product line.” 

Draw-Tite receiver hitches are made in the USA and come standard with a limited lifetime warranty.