With the start of a brand-new year, many of us are looking to create new resolutions and goals. The start of a year is typically the time we look forward. But, I want to take a minute to remember why we do what we do.

Fleet management is a unique profession. When someone says they are a mail carrier, chef, teacher, etc., many of us know exactly what they do for a living. But when you say “I’m a fleet manager,” many outside of our industry may not know what it is that you do.

What is it about fleet and fleet management that engages so many of us? What keeps us around for decades, regardless of the ups and downs? And still entices new entrants? I asked a few fleet managers what their favorite part of fleet was, and this is what they had to say:

  • “I love working with different departments putting together the type and style of vehicles that they will need for replacements, making sure they have the right truck for the job. Then, sitting down with the upfitter and leasing company to spec out the trucks that are needed. It’s very gratifying to see the finished product. And, know that the person getting the truck will be happy with what is being built,” said Bruce Ottogalli, transportation manager for Suez Water NJ.
  • “My favorite part of fleet is the daily opportunity to save money, become more efficient, create a new process, or solve a problem with a unique solution,” said one fleet manager who wished to remain anonymous.
  • “The awesome part of the job is there never is two days alike and it is logistically challenging at times when I’m put on the spot on how to come up with a solution to a problem or situation. We are a large global company,” said Vicki Driessen, fleet manager for Faith Technologies.
  • “My favorite part of fleet is the available support from our peers who are enthusiastic about sharing ideas and experiences to reach a common goal of a best-in-class fleet,” said one fleet manager who wished to remain anonymous.   
  • “Working on new things and seeing the latest developments in the marketplace. The camaraderie of fleet managers, ” said Abe Stephenson, fleet & administration manager at DISH.
  • “My favorite part of being in fleet is the challenge of so many moving parts, people, and processes. Plus, I love trucks!” said one fleet manager, who wished to remain anonymous.

For me, my favorite thing about fleet is the opportunity to learn something new every single day and the people I am honored to call my peers and friends.

What is your favorite “thing” about fleet? E-mail me, let’s chat!

Lauren Fletcher
Executive Editor, Work Truck Magazine


Lauren Fletcher

Lauren Fletcher

Executive Editor

Lauren Fletcher has covered the truck fleet industry since 2006 and is the executive editor of Work Truck magazine. With a particular focus on educational, tips and trends pieces in the vocational truck industry, check out her Truck Chat video series or Chatty Chassis blog for more!