Kanga's mobile app.

Kanga's mobile app. 

Described as the Uber for delivery, Kanga is a crowd-sourced mobile platform specifically designed for shipments. Launched in March, this mobile app is now available to businesses in the Atlanta area.

Co-founders Scott Miller and Everett Steele wanted to provide another source for deliveries at a lower price than a moving or shipping service. The concept first came about during a visit to IKEA.

After purchasing a bunk bed for his sons, Miller soon realized that it wouldn’t fit in his car. What if he could pay a local driver to deliver the bunk bed for him?

“For small businesses, Kanga can provide a solution for same-day delivery of products,” said Steele. “If your delivery fleet is tied up and unavailable, Kanga could help you complete deliveries outside of your existing fleet vehicles.”

Additionally, the Kanga app easily integrates with a company’s point-of-sales and e-commerce systems. And through those channels, businesses can create custom routing and additional delivery features, says Steele.

How the App Works

Kanga’s platform features two segments: peer-to-peer and retail. The peer-to-peer side resembles Craigslist where anyone can request a delivery.

Before arranging a pickup, users can set their own price and select from multiple local drivers who make bids. Drivers are put into the system once Kanga receives a driver’s license and insurance policy, says Steele.

Hiring drivers for the retail side involves a more extensive process. It includes an orientation, copies of all relevant documents (driver’s license, insurance) and training on how to use the app, the protocol for picking up and dropping off packages, etc., according to Steele.

When it comes to finding a driver, retailers don’t need to spend time choosing between bidders. Kanga makes it easier by selecting a driver in the right perimeters, according to Steele.

Based on the size of a company’s delivery, Kanga finds an appropriate vehicle. Drivers have everything from Smart cars to pickups to SUVs to cargo vans.

To help select the delivery size, the app features four pictograms of possible sizes — an envelope, a small packing box, a couch and a big box truck.

The app also allows companies to indicate the delivery time, whether it needs to be picked up today or on a specific future date. Kanga guarantees coverage for retailers every day of the week (9 a.m. to 8 p.m. six days a week and fewer hours on Sunday).

Retailers are charged a flat rate per shipment. According to Steele, it is a base price plus a fee for any distance over 6 miles.

For insuring goods, Steele says Kanga insures up to the price of the object. With that in mind, Kanga is not designed to transport specialty items. For instance, you should call a professional piano mover to ship your antique piano.

To get started as a retailer, companies can manually enter shipping orders into Kanga’s Android, iOS or Web app. Or a Kanga team member can connect your e-commerce or point-of-sales platform into the app.

Expanding its Service

After a month in operation, Kanga has dozens of retail partners in Atlanta.

With the retail and peer-to-peer side up and running, Kanga will soon launch a new B2B component, KangaXL, which is designed to connect existing commercial fleets with businesses needing reliable, affordable ways to ship large items locally.

With 60 drivers and counting, Kanga currently serves the Atlanta metro area but will be expanding nationwide throughout 2014.

For more information about these services, visit www.getkanga.com.

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