Onboard vehicle diagnostics are the wave of the future. Employees can access a world of information, at the touch of a button. Telematics have advanced the way drivers get directions, monitor vehicle maintenance, and keep employees safe while driving.

OnStar now offers OnStar Business Vehicle Manager (BVM), a service that helps fleets plan PM by providing monthly odometer, and oil life readings. The new service is available as an add-on option to standard OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics (ODV) services, such as automatic notification of air bag deployment, stolen vehicle location assistance, roadside assistance, remote door unlock, and GM remote diagnostics.

OnStar BVM lets light-duty truck fleet operators know when it is time for an oil change, to rotate tires (increasing mpg), and check up on odometer readings.

Using GM’s Oil-life System, a GM-exclusive technology that monitors key engine operating conditions, truck fleet managers can save hundreds of gallons of oil a year, a savings to both the bottom line and the environment.

With OnStar BVM, a summary report is provided to fleet operators or their designated fleet management company, breaking down the fleet by VIN number. It reports the odometer reading and the remaining oil life.

The odometer readings can be used to track when it’s time to turn over leased vehicles or to alert fleet managers to a driver’s mileage. The consolidated report also shows open recalls for all GM trucks and PM readings from the previous month.

“When truck fleets sign up for an OnStar multi-year subscription package,” says Fritz Beiermeister, executive director of sales and marketing at On-Star, “they receive Business Vehicle Manager for free. It is a great choice for mid-to-large-sized truck fleets. It organizes important vehicle information in one report and can help lengthen the life of every fleet.”

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