Driving Dynamics has begun offering a new learning management system called DrivActiv that's optimized for mobile devices, according to the company.

The DrivActiv e-learning catalogue was developed in conjunction with leading safety, risk management and instructional design consultants. It comprises 70 topics across four libraries organized by light-duty, heavy-duty and micro learning. Topics are based on distracted driving, overburdened infrastructure, risk compensation, increased work demands, and a review of more than 200,000 fleet-related crash incident reports, where the most prevalent loss types were identified.  

The lessons will be offered in several languages, including U.S. English, American Spanish, and Canadian French.

The company offers several fee plans, including pay-as-you-go, pre-paid discounted plans and a new unlimited subscription-access pricing plan.

"Driving Dynamics has been solely dedicated to the driver safety space for three decades, in that time we’ve been acknowledged as a premier provider of both online and behind-the-wheel training," said Art Liggio, president and CEO. "The DrivActiv elearning system is an evolution of our commitment to offer comprehensive, high quality and highly adaptable training solutions that respond to the specific needs safety administrators."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet