YourMechanic, a mobile vehicle repair network, announced a new fleet maintenance solution to solve the top challenges facing today's fleet managers at the NAFA Fleet Management Association 2017 Institute and Expo in Tampa, Fla.

The new solution covers light-duty commercial vehicles up to Class 3 (10,000 to 14,000 pounds) and medium-duty Class 4 (up to 16,000 pounds), and aims to address many challenges facing fleet managers by offering flexible service packages, including on-demand repair delivered directly to the fleet of vehicles, eliminating time and cost to transport out-of-commission vehicles. YourMechanic is also offering preventive maintenance solutions to potential future costs.

"In developing our product, we learned that today's fleet managers are faced with many roadblocks -- budget constraints, variable maintenance needs, labor shortages -- with limited solutions available," said Rob Francis, senior director of Growth for YourMechanic. "Our fleet product is the first of several business-to-business solutions we will be launching this year to augment our consumer business, supported by our nationwide network of experienced, certified mobile mechanics and parts suppliers."

YourMechanic recently completed a pilot program with fleet managers and developed a full product line from the program insights. All offerings deliver mobile mechanics, which dramatically reduces downtime and eliminates the need to transport vehicles to a shop or dealership.

  • Fleet Labor Service: YourMechanic provides fleet managers with mobile mechanics to complete work on-site.
  • Full Mobile Service: YourMechanic provides fleet managers with mobile mechanics and parts to complete work on-site.
  • Full-service Shop: YourMechanic provides support to set up a shop and deliver mobile mechanics and parts to complete work on-site.

"YourMechanic has helped the City of Norfolk in times of work backlog in the shops, filled the gap during technician shortages, and has flat-out helped us reduce equipment downtime. The team at YourMechanic, from headquarters to technicians, are professional, courteous, and have become engrained in our mission to deliver the best possible service to user departments and taxpayers," said Facundo Tassara, MPA, Fleet Manager of the City of Norfolk, Va.

Tassara, a participant in YourMechanic's fleet pilot program, added: "I recommend YourMechanic to any fleet that is looking to not only improve their service but is looking for ways to take strategic relationships to the next level."

YourMechanic works with a network of more than 1,000 mechanics in more than 30 states to deliver on-demand repair, maintenance, and diagnostic services. YourMechanic partners with national suppliers, including Castrol, and other aftermarket suppliers, ensuring mobile mechanics arrive with parts needed to complete work directly on-site.