Have you ever been informed by a mechanic that an oven mitt was found in your engine? Or your blinker fluid needed to be changed? Chances are…you haven’t; however, a few unsuspecting customers at an automotive repair shop, based in Buffalo, N.Y., can't say the same.

Purolator set up hidden cameras in the Buffalo-based automotive repair shop and hired an actor to take on a mechanic role who informed real customers of absurd engine compartment object discoveries. And the jokes didn’t stop there. The fake mechanic also tried to convince the customers that their vehicles were in need of outlandish maintenance items, such as tightening the Pomeranian clamp and a stalagmite flush.

Tina Davis, senior marketing manager for MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC, explained, “The hidden camera stunt was a fun way to remind drivers to let nothing get by them when it comes to taking proper care of their vehicles.” 

Preventative maintenance, such as regular oil and filter changes, is key to extending engine life and maximizing performance. It is equally important for drivers to be informed about the products that they are installing in their vehicles. Purolator’s prank aims to place preventative vehicle maintenance top-of-mind in an entertaining and unique way, while also educating individuals about the superior quality of its lines of filtration products.

To capture these shenanigans, Purolator compiled a series of videos featuring the most memorable customer reactions. Needless to say, the outcome was quite humorous, but with a subtle car care message.

Check out one of the videos below:

Or what about this weird item found in an engine and fun terminology - don't forget that wasabi fluid:

To watch more videos, visit Purolator's YouTube page or www.pureoil.com