Photo courtesy of Derive Efficiency.

Photo courtesy of Derive Efficiency.

SCT Fleet Solutions has changed its company name to Derive Efficiency as it continues to evolve as a software provider of software that customizes a fleet vehicle's powertrain so it will operate more efficiently and safely.

Derive Efficiency’s software solution shifts the responsibility of fuel savings, safe driving, lower maintenance, and reduced emissions from the driver to the vehicle, making it the first and only active fleet solution in the industry.

“Our new company name and image reflect the evolution of our corporate fleet offering and our mission to customize a vehicle’s software for improved performance,” said Marissa Muller, vice president of marketing for Derive Systems. “We have designed our software so that within ten minutes a fleet vehicle’s powertrain can be customized for maximum savings and safety.”

Derive Efficiency calibrates a fleet vehicle’s powertrain by controlling fuel usage, reducing engine idle speed, optimizing torque and throttle parameters, and adjusting transmission shift points, among other adjustments. The vehicle calibration solution is customized to meet each fleet’s specific goals.

Customers include fleets ranging from a variety of industries such as cable/telecom, home services, delivery services, retail, law enforcement, and government. These customers have realized a positive investment in fewer than six months and savings of up to 12% on fuel and 16% in carbon emissions — with no changes in driver behavior or hardware modifications required.

Derive Efficiency is part of Derive Systems, which was formed earlier this year through the merger of SCT and Bully Dog — two companies offering software to improve the performance of vehicles. Derive Systems is also the parent company of Derive Power, which offers software solutions that increase the power of cars, trucks, powersports vehicles and big rigs under the SCT and Bully Dog brand names.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet