From classroom to career: Morgan Truck Body's success stories.  -  Photo: Morgan Truck Body/Work Truck

From classroom to career: Morgan Truck Body's success stories.

Photo: Morgan Truck Body/Work Truck

Seven high school seniors from local school districts completed a skilled welding internship at Morgan Truck Body last semester, resulting in seven full-time job offers to begin upon graduation starting at $23 per hour, and they can work part-time until then.

Students earned pay while attending classes for two hours daily that count toward high school credit.

“We congratulate the seven students who completed Morgan’s comprehensive training program that included small-classroom lab instruction, training on welding equipment and access to a Virtual Reality Welding Simulator,” says Richard Dixon, who manages the Morgan Truck Body high school training program. “The internship provides an excellent earn-while-you-learn pathway to achieving a living wage and an opportunity for advancement without a college degree.”

Morgan Truck Body's Graduates Shine

Up to 14 students receive invitations each semester to join Morgan Truck Body's paid training program, sourced from various local school districts.

Out of the 36 graduates from the program so far, 25 have secured positions with Morgan Truck Body immediately after high school.

High school seniors aged 17 or older have the opportunity to enroll in Morgan Truck Body's paid welding training program during either the fall or spring session.

Those offered employment at the end of the fall session, provided they are at least 18 years old, can work part-time at $23 per hour until graduation.

Additionally, they are eligible for 80% college tuition reimbursement after six months of full-time employment.

“Multiple generations of skilled workers have built their careers at Morgan Truck Body, which is the largest manufacturer of medium-duty dry freight and refrigerated van and truck bodies in North America,” says Julie Ubele, Talent Acquisition Manager at Morgan. “We support a workforce of 2700 employees and take pride in providing excellent training, benefits and opportunity for growth for individuals looking to build a career in the trades.”

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