Smart Eye will deliver its technology as a software Tier 1 supplier.  -  Photo: Smart Eye/Work Truck

Smart Eye will deliver its technology as a software Tier 1 supplier.

Photo: Smart Eye/Work Truck

Smart Eye announced a significant breakthrough order from one of the world’s largest OEMs.

For the first time, Smart Eye will deliver its technology as a software Tier 1 supplier directly to the car manufacturer, with the software stack running on an advanced AI processing platform.

The customer, a large North American car manufacturer, already has several vehicle models with Smart Eye’s DMS technology on the road, with more cars to be launched in the coming years.

These will remain in production with Smart Eye as a Tier 2 supplier until 2027, when the 46 new car models will ramp up its production with Smart Eye as a Tier 1 supplier. 

The estimated revenue for the order is SEK 1.55 billion, based on product life cycle volume projections. 

Smart Eye Secures 296 Design Wins From Top OEMs

Smart Eye has secured a total of 296 design wins from 20 original equipment manufacturers, amounting to an estimated lifetime value exceeding SEK 6.715 billion.

The anticipated value throughout the product lifecycle, incorporating potential additional design wins with all 20 car manufacturers, is projected to be SEK 3 billion.

As a provider of Human Insight AI, Smart Eye specializes in technology that comprehends, supports, and predicts human behavior within intricate environments.

The company is dedicated to narrowing the divide between humans and machines, striving for a secure and sustainable future. Leveraging the acquisitions of Affectiva and iMotions in 2021, Smart Eye's comprehensive software and hardware solutions offer unprecedented insights into human behavior.

Enhancing Consumer Engagement

In the automotive sector, Smart Eye's driver monitoring systems and interior sensing solutions enhance road safety and the overall mobility experience.

Additionally, the company's eye-tracking technology and iMotions biosensor software platform find applications in behavioral research, facilitating advanced studies in academic and commercial domains.

In the realm of media analytics, Affectiva's Emotion AI empowers leading brands and market researchers with profound insights into consumer engagement with content, products, and services.

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