The factors that contribute to a driver’s Driver Score include, speed or hard-braking, and more.  -  Photo: Driver Technologies

The factors that contribute to a driver’s Driver Score include, speed or hard-braking, and more.

Photo: Driver Technologies

Driver Technologies, an AI-based mobility tech company that delivers a safer driving experience, announced its Driver Technologies Rating Service (DTRS) is rolling out its newly launched Driver Score to commercial fleets and insurance partners.

Driver Score is the first video telematics-based score using your mobile device that helps insurance companies underwrite and classify the risk instead of implementing traditional factors such as demographics and credit scores.

Driver App Transforms Your Smartphone into a Smart Dash Cam

The Driver application transforms a user's smartphone into a dash cam with the primary goal of enhancing road safety. It assesses users' driving performance, generating a Driver Score after 10 hours of recorded driving. Additionally, the Driver App offers coaching to instill positive driving habits.

The Driver Score is influenced by a range of factors, encompassing traditional vehicle telematics metrics like speed and hard braking. Furthermore, contextual telematics, utilizing external video, are incorporated to consider the most significant indicators of driving risk on the road.

“Nowadays, it’s difficult to find great coverage at an affordable price due to factors such as a poor credit score, which can damage a driver’s reputation, when really a driver’s driving behavior should be the key determinant,” said Rashid Galadanci, CEO and co-founder of Driver Technologies. “We are extremely excited to launch Driver Score as the first app-based video telematics scoring system to our commercial fleets to help promote good driving habits and create more opportunities for users to have the coverage they deserve.”

Adopting Safe Driving Behaviors

Recent research conducted by Driver demonstrates the effectiveness of its dash cam and safety app in coaching drivers to adopt safe driving behaviors.

It highlights a noticeable improvement after 20 hours of driving, leading to the cessation of hazardous habits such as tailgating, disregarding stop signs, hard braking, and speeding. Fleet owners implementing the Driver app have introduced incentives for their drivers to further promote and incentivize driver safety.

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