The latest tech news from Amazon, Get Spiffy, and more. - Photo: Amazon/Get Spiffy/Work Truck

The latest tech news from Amazon, Get Spiffy, and more.

Photo: Amazon/Get Spiffy/Work Truck

October 2023's Truck Tech Roundup brings you the latest innovations tailored to electrification, maintenance, and interconnected transportation.

In this month's tech landscape, major announcements have surfaced from industry leaders like Nauto and Get Spiffy.

Join us as we delve into the forefront of technological advancement in work trucks. Here are the top six tech news highlights for October:

Top 6 Tech News

  • Improving Tire DiagnosticsGet Spiffy launched Easy Tread, a solution to improve transparency and trust in auto servicing through detailed visual tire diagnostics. This move aligns with changing customer expectations in the auto repair industry, as highlighted in the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Customer Service Index Study, emphasizing the role of visual confirmation in building trust between customers and service providers. Get Spiffy's Easy Tread addresses these findings to enhance customer experience in auto care.
  • Combat Catalytic Converter TheftVelociti and CATrak Technologies have unveiled a patent-pending device designed to combat the rising threat of catalytic converter theft, which has significantly increased in recent years. The CATrak device offers immediate alerts to owners, managers, security personnel, and law enforcement when there is an attempt to steal a catalytic converter. It triggers a loud siren and alerts the owner via the CATrak Mobile app if the device's harness is severed or vibrated during a theft attempt.
  • AI and Telematics — Nauto introduced new telematics capabilities that provide insights into vehicle tracking, utilization, misuse, and maintenance planning. These telematics features are integrated with AI-powered driver and vehicle safety capabilities, all consolidated onto a single device and software platform. This streamlined solution is designed to reduce the number of devices in commercial vehicle cabs, helping fleet operators cut costs and improve efficiency.
  • Marketing Trucks to Rental Businesses —, a booking engine, has partnered with Sofiac Travel, a rental software provider, to provide a new avenue for marketing trucks to rental businesses. This partnership involves streamlining supplier onboarding processes and improving API integration between the two companies. For renters, this partnership means access to a diverse range of trucks available in one location, with real-time availability and transparent pricing.
  • Automating the Daily Inspection Process — UVeye and Amazon have announced the deployment of AVI (Automated Vehicle Inspection), an AI-powered system that automates the daily inspection process for delivery vehicles. AVI scans for and identifies automotive issues, enhancing fleet maintenance and minimizing downtime for Amazon's Delivery Service Partners (DSPs), while also improving driver safety and community service. The deployment of AVI will take place at Amazon delivery stations in the U.S., Canada, Germany, and the U.K.
  • Weather Hazard Alerts — Lytx has introduced Weather Hazard Alerts, an AI-powered geospatial technology available to all clients through the Lytx Lab tab in their accounts. This innovation was developed within Lytx Lab, an incubator for ideas that fosters collaboration between Lytx engineers and safety experts and their customers. Weather Hazard Alerts enable fleet managers to receive notifications based on geospatial criteria and data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, aiding real-time decision-making to enhance safety and efficiency in driving operations.
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