Join us for a webinar on fleet safety with experts in fleet management, data, and driver behavior! - Photo: Work Truck

Join us for a webinar on fleet safety with experts in fleet management, data, and driver behavior! 

Photo: Work Truck

Is safety a top effort at your fleet? Whether it’s priority No. 1 already or something you are striving to improve, fleet safety should be at the forefront of every successful fleet operation.  

As your fleet changes or grows, so do the opportunities and challenges that come with it. Join us for a conversation where industry experts will share their knowledge and experiences working to create and maintain a safer fleet. The data is clear – fleet professionals want safer fleets and need guidance to help improve safety practices among drivers and fleet. Today’s fleets understand the value of improving safety practices but aren’t always sure where to start.  

Whether you are a fleet owner, operations manager, decision maker responsible for fleet growth, or fleet driver, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and enhance your fleet safety efforts.

Register today to learn more from top authorities on fleet safety:

  • Matthew Betz, fleet safety expert, will share details on how you can make fleet safety a top priority.
  • Dr. Alison Betz, Ph.D., BCBA-D, VP of Product Development and Senior Consultant at ABA Technologies, Inc., will share the behavior side of fleet safety, digging into the why of safety.
  • Robert Auer, fleet manager for UPS, will share safety challenges and best practices everyone can learn from one of the largest commercial fleets.
  • Jeff Alsop, senior director, indirect sales, GPS Trackit, will share the data behind fleet safety efforts and best practices today.
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