Saturday October 7, 2023 is National Propane Day. - Photo: PERC/Work Truck

Saturday October 7, 2023 is National Propane Day.

Photo: PERC/Work Truck

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) celebrates the second annual National Propane Day on October 7, 2023.

National Propane Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the ways propane keeps America running and to highlight the benefits of propane.

“From delivering prime or backup power to homes and businesses, to powering school buses that safely transport children to and from school—propane increases resiliency in our communities,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of PERC.

Propane's Eco-Friendly Impact Across Applications

Propane serves as a versatile energy source for millions of Americans, meeting their fuel and heating and power needs at home and on the go.

Propane is recognized for its low carbon footprint, high efficiency, and reliability, it is used across various sectors, including school buses, fleet vehicles, hospitals, restaurants, farms, ports, and more.

Affordability and widespread availability make propane a key player in reducing carbon emissions and promoting energy equity nationwide.

Choosing propane over equivalent electricity from the U.S. grid produces approximately 52% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Moreover, propane seamlessly integrates with other renewable energy sources like solar and wind, offering users the flexibility to diversify America's energy mix while alleviating stress on the electric grid.

A Sustainable Energy Landscape

In conjunction with National Propane Day, PERC celebrates the current widespread use of propane and the ongoing advancements in renewable propane production.

This ultra-low carbon option, derived mainly from plant and vegetable oils, animal fats, or used cooking oil, mirrors the attributes of conventional propane — reliability, portability, and power — while introducing no new carbon into the environment.

This progress signifies a crucial step toward achieving zero carbon emissions in the propane industry.

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