The inaugural Upfit Package of the Year award is now open for entries!   -  Photo: Work Truck

The inaugural Upfit Package of the Year award is now open for entries! 

Photo: Work Truck

Work Truck is excited to introduce the inaugural "Upfit Package of the Year" Award, sponsored by Legend Fleet Solutions

Innovation drives success in the dynamic world of commercial vehicles and fleet operations. It's no secret that upfitting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the functionality, efficiency, and safety of light- and medium-duty work trucks and vans.  

This award aims to recognize and celebrate the exceptional creativity and innovation of fleet upfitters. The "Upfit Package of the Year" award will honor upfitters who go above and beyond, crafting unique and impactful solutions that address the diverse needs of modern fleet managers.  

Work Truck will present the award at Work Truck Week 2024.  

Why This Award Matters: 

As fleet managers navigate the evolving landscape of commercial vehicles, upfitting has become more crucial than ever. An upfit package isn't just a collection of components; it's a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the specific demands of each fleet.  

From specialized shelving systems that optimize storage space to advanced safety enhancements that safeguard drivers and cargo, upfit packages are the heart of operational efficiency. 

Call for Entry: 

Are you an upfitter with a passion for innovation? Have you crafted a game-changing upfit package that has the potential to revolutionize the way fleet managers operate? We invite you to submit your entry for the "Upfit Package of the Year" award and showcase your expertise on a national platform.

Fleet managers: urge your favorite upfitter to submit your favorite package! 

Submission Requirements: 

Please send the following to by Friday, November 3, 2023

  • Upfit Package Name:  
  • Upfit Package Description: Showcase how your upfit package addresses specific pain points fleet managers face. Whether it's enhancing cargo organization, improving accessibility, or boosting vehicle safety, emphasize the practical benefits. We are accepting up to two packages, one for trucks and one for vans. 
  • Photo: Please include one to three high-resolution, print-quality photo(s) of your upfit package. 

The award, sponsored by Legend Fleet Solutions, will be voted on by fleet managers and presented at Work Truck Week 2024. 

Join us in celebrating innovation and excellence in fleet customization. The "Upfit Package of the Year" award honors your dedication to the industry and provides a platform to showcase what you can offer.  

For inquiries and submissions, please contact

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