The 135 Mack Defense M917A3 Heavy Dump Trucks will be used for deployment within the U.S. Army Reserve and the Army National Guard.  -  Photo: Mack/U.S. Army

The 135 Mack Defense M917A3 Heavy Dump Trucks will be used for deployment within the U.S. Army Reserve and the Army National Guard.

Photo: Mack/U.S. Army

The U.S. military has ordered an additional 135 Mack Defense M917A3 heavy dump trucks (HDTs) from Mack Defense.

The additional vehicles are part of the previously announced firm-fixed price $296 million contract over seven years that the Army awarded Mack Defense in 2018.

For this new order, 60 HDTs are being purchased by the U.S. Army Reserve, 74 are being funded by the presidential budget and the U.S. Navy is purchasing one. With this tranche, a total of 446 HDTs have been ordered to date.

U.S. Armed Forces Increase Orders for Mack HDTs

HDTs play a pivotal role in both the construction and upkeep of vital infrastructure assets, such as:

  • Airfields.
  • Roads.
  • Landing strips.
  • Supply facilities.
  • Motor pools.

This equipment holds significant importance in ensuring the functionality and maintenance of these facilities.

David Hartzell, the president of Mack Defense, expressed with each new order placed for a Mack HDT, the unwavering trust of the U.S. Armed Forces in our product is reaffirmed. These trucks undergo rigorous testing by the U.S. military daily, and the successive orders underscore how the Mack HDT consistently meets the stringent demands set by the military.

Previously, the Army had procured 311 HDTs that were based on the commercially available Mack Granite model. These vehicles were customized with sturdier rear axles, all-wheel drive capability, enhanced suspension ride height, and other rugged enhancements to cater to the distinct requirements of the U.S. military.

Army Invests in Upgraded Mack Granite

Fitted with contemporary features like ABS and various dynamic safety mechanisms, the Mack Granite HDT model embraces modern technology. In contrast to prior Army models, the Granite variant offers enhanced user-friendliness, comfort, and operational safety.

David Hartzell emphasized that these attributes are pivotal factors driving the Army's commitment to the new HDTs.

A meticulous assessment by government quality auditors was conducted at the Mack Experience Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This evaluation encompassed both the Granite HDTs and the production line, assuring alignment with predetermined standards and expectations.

Production of the HDTs at the MEC began in Q1 2021, following an investment of $6.5 million to create a dedicated HDT production line at the facility. The production line helps fulfill the M917A3 contract, while allowing Mack Defense to produce other vehicle variants.

The production line in the MEC is in Mack’s former Customer Adaptation Center, where vehicle modifications occurred. The Customer Adaptation Center has since moved to Mack’s Lehigh Valley Operations in Macungie, Pennsylvania, where all Mack Class 8 vehicles for North America and export are assembled.

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