Fleet podcasts you don't want to miss! - Photo: Work Truck

Fleet podcasts you don't want to miss!

Photo: Work Truck

Staying informed and connected is key to success.

Whether seeking industry insights, innovative solutions, or simply connecting with like-minded professionals, influencers in the fleet community can provide a wealth of valuable knowledge.

If you want to broaden your industry coverage, we’ve got you covered. We'll introduce you to a curated list of influential individuals making waves in the fleet space.

Work Trucks: Truck Chat Podcast

Lauren Fletcher, executive editor, Fleet, Trucking & Transportation for Bobit, hosts her Truck Chat video series.

As a part of Work Truck, Truck Chat is released every week and is available to watch on YouTube or listen to on Spotify.

Work Truck is the leading destination for vocational truck fleets, catering to the requirements of light, medium, and heavy-duty truck, and van fleet managers overseeing diverse commercial and vocational fleets. This includes construction, service, distribution, utility, telecom, energy, retail, agricultural, mining, and refuse operations.

Lauren Fletcher also writes a Chatty Chassis blog that focuses on educational, tips and trends pieces in the vocational truck industry.

Heavy Duty: Leadership Insights & HDT Talks Trucking Series

Heavy Duty Trucking has a team of industry experts that run two podcasts on their YouTube channel, Leadership Insights and HDT Talks Trucking.

According to Heavy Duty Trucking, its experienced editorial team focuses on fleet operation, equipment asset management, and future business decisions, providing up-to-date information to help fleet managers make informed purchase decisions, and improve their fleet's efficiency, safety, and bottom line.

The team is run by Deborah Lockridge, editor and associate publisher, and Jim Park, equipment editor.

Heavy Duty Trucking features Leadership Insights & HDT Talks Trucking podcasts. - Photo: Work Truck/HDT

Heavy Duty Trucking features Leadership Insights & HDT Talks Trucking podcasts.

Photo: Work Truck/HDT

General Fleet: State of the Fleet Industry & Fleet Momentum Series

Automotive Fleet runs two video series.

State of the Fleet Industry is hosted by Mike Antich, editor & associate publisher. It focuses on valuable information about the current condition of the fleet market.

And Fleet Momentum hosted by Chris Brown, associate publisher. It discusses topics on key industry leaders, trends, and products for fleet management. Both publishers have over a decade of experience in the fleet industry and have won publishing awards.

Automotive Fleet provides essential updates to aid fleet managers in mastering vehicle leasing, purchasing, maintenance, and remarketing strategies.

Government Fleet: GovCast

GovCast is an interview series that interviews experts in the industry. As a part of Government Fleet, the podcast is hosted by Nichole Osinski, executive editor.

Government Fleet comprehensively addresses all aspects of the public sector's fleet management, encompassing procurement, vehicle research, and telematics solutions, to support fleet professionals in performing their duties effectively.

Electrification: The Off-Peak Series

The Off-Peak video series is from Charged Fleet and hosted by Martin Romjue, managing editor of fleet group.

Charged Fleet offers vital updates and knowledge on vehicles, battery & charging technology, maintenance, manufacturing, purchase & leasing details, and regulatory & compliance matters.

The video series focuses on the ins and outs of the electric vehicle market. It’s great for EV fans, new and old.

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