Mentor is a driver safety app designed to help fleet's acieve their sustainability goals. - Photo: / eDriving

Mentor is a driver safety app designed to help fleet's acieve their sustainability goals.

Photo: / eDriving

eDriving announced the global availability of its EcoDrive feature powered by Greater Than.

The integration of EcoDrive into eDriving's digital driver safety app, Mentor, will enable eDriving to further support its global clients in achieving their safety and sustainability goals.

89% Reduction in Risky Driver Behavior

eDriving’s smartphone-based Mentor program identifies and remediates drivers' risky habits behind the wheel with scoring, training, coaching, and gamification, achieving up to an 89% reduction in risky driver behavior over 18 months.

Integrating Greater Than's AI-based technology extends Mentor's value proposition from a comprehensive driver safety solution to a holistic driver safety and sustainability solution.

The optional EcoDrive enhancement to Mentor empowers organizations to help drivers reduce their CO2 emissions/EV battery consumption while ensuring their safe return home daily.

This strategic step elevates Mentor's sustainability benefits by enabling reduction of carbon emissions and EV battery consumption of up to 20%. In addition, EcoDrive facilitates more accurate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting with harmonized data on an organization's CO2 savings.

Saving Fleets’ Money Per Trup

Mentor's EcoDrive powered by Greater Than leverages Greater Than's pattern-AI technology trained since 2004, using data from over 106 countries and 1,600 cities.

This technology conducts real-time driving analysis to calculate CO2 emissions/EV battery consumption savings per individual driver after each trip.

Providing a uniform measure of environmental impact, EcoDrive enables fair, transparent, unbiased evaluation of individual drivers' eco performance.

Drivers will be able to see their eco impact rating following each trip on their Mentor dashboard, helping them keep sustainability goals top of mind.

EcoDrive powered by Greater Than is available globally in eDriving's flagship Mentor business solution, available for fleets of all sizes and vehicle types.

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