AI Omnicam allows protection and visibility from all sides.  -  Photo: Motive/Work Truck

AI Omnicam allows protection and visibility from all sides.

Photo: Motive/Work Truck

Motive recently launched AI Omnicam, its first AI-enabled camera built for side, rear, passenger, and cargo monitoring.

The AI Omnicam, when paired with Motive’s market-leading AI Dashcam, will give businesses that operate commercial vehicles a full 360° view of their vehicle, its interior, and its surroundings to improve road and job site monitoring and safety, investigate and combat potentially fraudulent claims, and resolve disputes over transportation and handling of valuable cargo and goods. 

With sideswipes and rear collisions causing more than 33% of fatal crashes and 44% of crashes with injuries, the AI Omnicam will:

  • Provide a 360° field of view around the vehicle.
  • Allow protection and visibility from all sides.
  • Enhance safety and day-to-day operations.

False Side and Rear Collision Claims

Combining this wider field of view with high-definition video and automated alerts will exonerate drivers from false side and rear collision claims, investigate cargo theft and passenger incidents and resolve disputes over loading and unloading of goods and materials.

Finally, upcoming AI enhancements will eliminate blind spots and prevent accidents in real-time, as well as detecting risky behaviors like unsafe lane changes, incorrect cargo loading and improper use of safety gear and heavy machinery. 

Pairing the AI Omnicam with the Motive AI Dashcam creates a 360° view with AI-enabled intelligence. Businesses across a wide range of industries benefit from the unparalleled visibility, which allows for an in-depth understanding of road and job site incidents and ensuring the fleet policies are followed. Armed with this insight they can both correct issues and streamline operations.

Examples of this include: 

  • Trucking & Logistics: Drivers can avoid or mitigate risks with real-time visibility into unsafe or problematic conditions on the road or at the job site. Safety managers also gain more information with which to exonerate drivers, develop education and improve safety across their organizations. 
  • Construction: Safety managers can see workers, hazards, or threats on all sides of a job site and ensure safety and efficiency for those onsite, protecting people, property and assets. 
  • Oil & Gas: Direct line of sight into the loading and unloading process can help reduce or mitigate spills and leaks and allow reviewers to mitigate future instances better.
  • Passenger Transit: Not only can hazards from the road or other drivers be avoided, but incidents inside the vehicle can be directly viewed to protect passengers better.
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