The Accelerate to Zero program helps fleets achieve decarbonization.

The Accelerate to Zero program helps fleets achieve decarbonization.

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Recognizing that decarbonization can be difficult due to the intricate and interconnected factors involved.

Shell Fleet Solutions introduced the Accelerate to Zero program in the U.S. market on May 5, 2023, to assist fleets in achieving their sustainability goals.

This all-encompassing fleet offering incorporates a range of solutions developed by Shell to aid businesses with similar sustainability objectives in their efforts to decarbonize and enhance their sustainability performance. 

“Sustainability is a business imperative for fleets of all sizes worldwide and Shell is committed to helping them decarbonize and optimize their operations,” said Andrea Brecka, Vice President & General Manager Shell Fleet Solutions Americas.

“As one of the largest players in business mobility, we are introducing this program to our US market to help our customers chart a clear pathway toward decarbonization for their fleets. When we support our customers to become more efficient and more sustainable, we help make them more successful, making Accelerate to Zero a fantastic program for our customers and prospects,” Brecka added.

How to Use the Accelerate to Zero Program

Accelerate to Zero is a multi-stage program that features the flexibility to adjust for a business’s individual requirements and the emergence of evolving technology.

Steps include analyzing a fleet’s decarbonization goals, building a clear road map designed to help deliver those goals, and setting up a fleet with the appropriate solutions to achieve them.

Through the program, Shell Fleet Solutions will support fleets with the shift toward increased sustainability as they face the challenges:

  • Balancing costs.
  • lowering total cost of ownership.
  • Exploring new mobility solutions.

Data integration is key to the program, helping companies to move away from using multiple disparate channels to track fleet information towards a single, holistic view of their operations, highlighting key areas for improvement.

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