The winners of the “Name a Snowplow” contest have been announced.

The winners of the “Name a Snowplow” contest have been announced. 

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation has an annual “Name a Snowplow” contest. The contest had 22,000 entries in its first year in 2021.

The names were judged on creativity, understanding, and uniqueness by the MnDOT staff. The judges also measured the frequency of submissions and if they would be identifiable to a broad audience.

This year’s results are in!

After 60,000 entries, the winners are:

  • Betty Whiteout – District 8
  • Ctrl Salt Delete – District 7
  • The Big Leplowski – District 4
  • Plowasaurus Rex – Metro District
  • Scoop Dogg – District 3
  • Blizzard of Oz – District 2
  • No More Mr. Ice Guy – District 1
  • Edward Blizzardhands – District 6
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