In 2021, CPower paid its U.S. customers approximately $230 million in grid revenues.

In 2021, CPower paid its U.S. customers approximately $230 million in grid revenues.

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CPower Energy announced it has entered a partnership with Consumers Energy to deliver grid services across the energy provider's Michigan service territory.

Consumers Energy is one of Michigan's energy providers, providing natural gas and/or electricity to 6.8 million in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.

Through the partnership with CPower, big-box retailers, healthcare, manufacturing, education, and other commercial and industrial organizations in Consumers Energy's service territory will have an additional avenue to participate in Consumers Energy's demand response program, making them eligible to earn money back on their bill by conserving energy when demand peaks.

Last year alone, CPower paid its customers across the U.S. approximately $230 million in grid revenues.

"Dispatching demand response is a reliable and efficient way to address supercritical peaks and other grid resource needs. Organizations that participate in demand response receive monetary value out of their investments, and the community at large also benefits from a reliable grid.

“We're proud to work with Consumers Energy to help its customers unlock the full value of their DERs, as the utility is focused on a flexible and clean energy transformation," said Mathew Sachs, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, CPower.  

CPower has grown its footprint considerably in MISO and across utility markets this year. In addition to the Consumers Energy program, CPower is expanding access to demand response solutions for commercial and industrial organizations in the Ameren Illinois territory.

Across the U.S., CPower manages approximately 6.3 GW of DER capacity at more than 17,000 sites.


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