The awards are announced every year in Redefining the Road.

The awards are announced every year in Redefining the Road.

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The Women In Trucking Association (WIT) recently announced the recipients of the 2022 “Top Companies for Women to Work For in Transportation.”

The awards were announced in WIT’s official magazine, Redefining the Road. Women in Trucking is a non-profit organization that has been around for over a decade.

Its goals are to:

  • Encourage employment.
  • Address obstacles.
  • Celebrate success.

It aims to achieve these goals by having a passionate leadership team and engaged members, sponsors, and partners.

The nominations are reviewed using a two-step process, according to Brian Everett, publisher of Redefining the Road. “First, nominations of the companies are received and carefully reviewed to ensure they qualify by meeting a minimum threshold of qualifications – including these characteristics we look for. Then the final ballot of companies is voted on by individuals in the industry. This is the fifth year of this prestigious recognition program and it garnered a record number of more than 22,000 votes to identify and validate the final companies named to the list.”

Helping Women Thrive

Among the business sectors in the commercial freight transportation marketplace, including motor carriers, and third-party logistics companies, Centerline Drivers has been awarded one of the top companies.

For the fourth consecutive year, Centerline Drivers has been named one of the Top Companies for Women to Work For In Transportation by the WIT Association.

The honor reflects Centerline's dedication to being a leader in helping women thrive at all levels of the trucking industry while continuing to get drivers on the road and keep America moving.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

"At Centerline, we pride ourselves on promoting diversity and inclusion among our drivers, our support staff, and our clients. I'm so proud to share this award with them" said Centerline President Jill Quinn.

"I'm so honored to have won this award four years in a row and I hope we can continue to expand this field for women." 

Nominations for the award focused on corporate culture, work flexibility, competitive compensation and benefits, and opportunities for professional development and career advancement opportunities.

The 100 companies on the list were chosen from nearly 22,000 votes. The list was announced in WIT's official publication, Redefining the Road.

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