From rain and mud to wet leaves and shorter days, be sure your fleet drivers are prepared for fall. - Photo: RealTruck/Work Truck

From rain and mud to wet leaves and shorter days, be sure your fleet drivers are prepared for fall.

Photo: RealTruck/Work Truck

Every season brings its own unique challenges when it comes to weather conditions. This fall, RealTruck wants to ensure fleets stay safe while out "In The Real."

What are the biggest fall-weather-related challenges? As the temperature drops, and it gets darker in the evenings, it’s important to be aware of driving conditions.

Here are three ways RealTruck recommends to protect your fleet drivers and work trucks while on the road this season:

1. Check and Protect Truck Tires

Tires can be a common issue during autumn and colder months. Tires tend to deflate with cooler temperatures, often significantly. If your truck doesn’t have an automated sensor, make sure to inspect your tire pressure monthly and fill your tires to your vehicle manufacturer’s suggested pressure. If you have a sensor and it comes on that you have low tire pressure, tend to it right away.

Another issue affecting traction during this time of year is leaves on the road, particularly wet leaves. Wet leaves in large numbers can cause tires to slip and your truck to swerve, especially if tire tread is worn. Ensure fleet drivers are careful if they notice wet leaves or water on the road. 

One way to avoid leaves, mud, and debris from damaging fleet vehicles is to add Husky Liners Custom Molded Mud Flaps; these molded mud flaps don’t just look tough, they protect your vehicle from mother nature’s worst elements and come with a limited lifetime warranty. And, they double for great off-roading.

2. Keep the Truck Lit

Keeping proper lighting on fleet truck's is always important, but especially in the fall as the sun sets earlier and outdoor activities continue. Many mountain ranges, lakes, and outdoor areas experience heavy fog in the early mornings and evenings during this time of year.

Did you know? Truck Hero changed its name to RealTruck in July 2022. 

Additionally, as noted, fall evenings turn dark quickly compared to other seasons. The Westin EF2 Double Row LED 30 Light Bar is a great companion for daily drivers to help maintain better visibility for themselves and others out on the road during this time of year.

Other lights to add for convenience are Access Motion Activated LED Truck Bed Lights, which go in the back of your truck bed and turn on when you open your gate. They come in handy for service technicians and others who head out with gear in the early morning or work past when the sun goes down.

3. Keep Cargo Items Covered

Having a tonneau cover on your truck bed not only keeps your protected from the elements but ensures that your gear and equipment will be safely stored while your away from your vehicle.

The RetraxPRO XR Tonneau Cover or the BAK Revolver X4S Tonneau Cover can help.

The RetraxPRO XR comes with a limited lifetime warranty, is easy to install, and maximizes your ability to store gear above and below your truck bed. But, If a rolling cover is more your thing, the BAK X4S is one of the most elite and easy rolling tonneau covers available. Made from aluminum slates, this affordable and easy to use option will protect your cargo from everything fall weather can throw at it.

Make sure to gear up and get out "into the real" this fall. 

Already have summer on your mind? Every season brings different challenges to navigate while driving. And summertime weather makes it easy to let your guard down on the road. Check out more tips and info. And, to be sure you never miss a feature or news from RealTruck, make sure you register today for Bobit Connect