An effective coolant helps transfer heat more efficiently.

An effective coolant helps transfer heat more efficiently.

Photo: Rislone

When towing a camper, boat, ATV, or trailer, it’s important to properly prepare the vehicle before hitching up.

It starts with making sure key vehicle systems are up to the task, including brakes, lights, and tires. And don’t overlook the cooling system, which can be prone to overheating while towing if not properly prepped.

“Even when done properly, towing can push a vehicle’s engine to the limit at which high heat and mechanical stress become severe problems,” explains Clayton Parks, vice president of development for Rislone.

“An effective coolant additive like Rislone Hy-per Cool™ Super Coolant helps transfer heat more efficiently to keep cylinder heads cool and reduce the likelihood of detonation, power loss, and engine damage.”

Rislone Hy-per Cool Super Coolant (p/n HPC100) reduces engine temperature and protects against overheating, especially when vehicles are operating under load, towing, and climbing steep grades.

It lowers engine coolant temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and can reduce cylinder head temperatures by up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit to enhance engine efficiency, which also helps improve fuel economy, power, and performance.

Rislone’s Top 10 Towing Tips

  1. Walk around the vehicle and the trailer to make sure all the lights are operable, tire tread is adequate, and tire pressures are correct. Depending on the weight of the load, tire pressures may need to be adjusted. Remember to check the spare tire to make sure it is also properly inflated!
  2. Check the brakes — of both the towing vehicle and the trailer. Like most vehicle components, the vehicle’s brakes work harder when towing.
  3. Check all fluid levels and top off as needed. Address any leaks with the appropriate stop leak product. A multi-purpose stop leak like Bar’s Leaks One Seal (p/n 1334) can be helpful to have on-hand during the trip, as well, since it can be used to stop leaks in engine oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid.
  4. Inspect the entire cooling system, including radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat, and cooling fan. 
  5. For older vehicles or those that frequently work hard, consider flushing the cooling system for additional peace of mind. Rislone Hy-per Cool Cleaner & Super Flush (p/n HFL400) cleans the entire cooling system, removing deposits that build up over time and contribute to overheating.
  6. Add a cooling additive like Rislone Hy-per Cool Super Coolant to the radiator to protect against overheating. Hy-per Cool Super Coolant is compatible with all types and colors of glycol/water-based coolants, as well as systems running straight water.
  7. Remember freeze protection! If your customer is in the south and heading north or has been running water all summer and now temperatures are dropping, remind them that they’ll need antifreeze to protect the engine.
  8. Check the hitch receiver and all hitch components for any cracked welds or other damage.
  9. Make sure the trailer is level with the vehicle when hitching up.
  10. Make sure all cargo is properly secured.

Investing a small amount of time and money upfront to make sure the vehicle is ready for the added stress and strain of towing will help prevent dangerous breakdowns on the road.