Each year, fleet manager interests change and Work Truck continues to bring you the feature...

Each year, fleet manager interests change and Work Truck continues to bring you the feature content you want and need. 

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Work Truck is the No. 1 resource for vocational work truck, van, and SUV fleet managers. We are the first and last place you need to look for all things fleet.

Work Truck’s exclusive and expert-written feature articles are sure to focus on a topic or angle new to you or that provides some helpful refreshers.

This year, fleet managers were quite interesting in learning more about topics like automatic or manual transmission and truck suspensions. Another hot topic this year was electrification as well as last-mile delivery. And, fleet managers are still looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce overall operating and maintenance costs.

The following are the most read Work Truck articles in 2021:

  1. Automatic or Automated Manual Transmission: What’s the Difference? Work Truck talks automatic and automated manual transmissions with Allison Transmission. Learn about the differences and why they matter. By Lauren Fletcher
  2. The Future is Now: Upcoming Hybrid & Electric Trucks and Vans. As demand for eco-friendly vehicles surge, more OEMs and upfitters are working to meet fleet needs. By Lexi Tucker
  3. Understanding Work Truck Suspensions. Truck suspensions support the load, provide stability, and cushion the ride. Understand your options to ensure the best suspension is spec’ed on your valuable work truck assets. By Lauren Fletcher
  4. Top 14 Benefits of Telematics Beyond Tracking. Telematics are more than dots on a map. Additional benefits include monitoring vehicle health, maximizing uptime, reducing theft, and improving overall driver experiences. By Lauren Fletcher
  5. Last-Mile Delivery Market Primed for Electrification. Work vehicles are finally becoming electrified. With many stops, predictable routes, and daily returns to a central depot, the last-mile delivery market is poised to take advantage of these new electric models first. By Martin Romjue & Chris Brown
  6. Top 5 Mobile Fueling FAQs. Three mobile fuelers answer the most frequently asked questions about onsite fueling. By Shelley Mika
  7. The Top Costs in Work Truck Fleets. Shared is advice on top fleet costs and what to do about them. Plus, do you know what the most overlooked fleet costs are? By Cheryl Knight
  8. 11 Things You Don’t Know About Fleet Routing Efficiencies. Routing is more than just finding the fastest route to your end destination. Efficient routing also considers additional variables including load size, truck size, and route conditions. By Shelley Mika     
  9. 9 Tips to Reduce Maintenance Costs Outside the Work Truck Shop. Utilizing tools beyond the ones on the truck shop wall can help you keep truck maintenance costs in check and reduce costly downtime. By Lauren Fletcher
  10. Value of Maintenance Management Programs for Work Truck Fleets. Trucks that ‘run’ keep your business working. Trucks that run efficiently and safely help your business thrive. By Lauren Fletcher

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