Azuga’s fleet telematics data is now available in UpKeep’s maintenance management solution,...

Azuga’s fleet telematics data is now available in UpKeep’s maintenance management solution, giving maintenance managers visibility into vehicle health.

Azuga, a fleet telematics company, has announced a partnership with UpKeep, a maintenance management company. The basis of the partnership is the integration of Azuga Fleet with UpKeep’s maintenance management software, which maintenance managers use to operate efficiently and effectively.

Azuga Fleet is a hardware- and software-based solution for managing mobile workers and vehicles. It combines GPS, vehicle diagnostics, and AI to provide fleet operations managers with information including worker/vehicle location and worker/vehicle performance. From the moment a driver turns on the ignition, every mile, stop, vehicle, and driver is tracked, analyzed, and reported to improve safety and efficiency.

UpKeep is maintenance management software that stores information about maintenance operations, such as maintenance performed on equipment, machinery, and other assets. The software improves asset management by eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets and consolidating all maintenance team activities in one place.

The Azuga/UpKeep solution gives maintenance managers greater visibility into the status of an operations vehicle. Managers can sync a vehicle’s location in real time, so they know exactly where a vehicle is and they can assign work orders to the right people. Managers can also receive alerts on vehicle faults, automatically triggering work orders, ensuring no fault code goes unchecked. Managers can sync odometer readings within UpKeep so they can perform recurring mileage-based inspections.

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