Mecalac, a global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of compact construction equipment for urban environments, offers Speed Control travel speed management system standard on all MCR crawler skid excavator models.

The new system allows operators to set a maximum travel speed from 20 available speed options. The system acts as a limiter, maintaining the desired speed so operators can focus on the task at hand for increased safety and productivity. Speed Control increases versatility for the 6MCR, 8MCR, and 10MCR machines, making it easy to move across the jobsite at speeds up to 6.2 mph or maintain very low speeds for applications such as mowing or snow removal.

“Mecalac products are designed to simplify the lives of our users without compromising on performance,” said Peter Bigwood, general manager for Mecalac North America. “Our MCR series provides the quickness of a skid steer with the 360-degree rotation of an excavator for versatility and travel speeds two times faster than any compact excavator. But sometimes speed isn’t everything. Speed Control allows operators to easily match their speed to the task.”

With the turn of a dial, operators can easily select their desired speed. When combined with the flexibility from a range of attachments — including mowers, mulchers, sweepers, snow blowers, and many more — the Speed Control system maximizes versatility for all MCR series units, increasing productivity and jobsite efficiency.

Mecalac’s patented quick coupler, CONNECT, further increase speed and ease of use by allowing operator to switch between attachments without leaving the cab for greater efficiency in a variety of tasks.

Mecalac’s new Speed Control travel speed management system allows operators to set and maintain...

Mecalac’s new Speed Control travel speed management system allows operators to set and maintain a maximum travel speed for increased safety and productivity.

Photo: Mecalac

“The MCR series is like a high-tech multi tool; you really can do it all with a single machine,” Bigwood said. “They don’t need a mower and a skid steer and an excavator. There’s an attachment for every task, and now a speed setting that matches. With Speed Control, operators don’t need to worry about trying to maintain a certain speed; they can just focus on the task at hand.”

MCR units also feature Mecalac’s innovative three-part arm and a 360-degree rotating ability for an extended range of movement and game-changing compactness. Operators can do more from a single position or within confined spaces with increased flexibility and reach while minimizing unnecessary movement. The three-part arm can also be tucked in, allowing for extra compactness and mobility without overbalancing the unit in the front — resulting in a true zero-turn radius, according to the manufacturer.