Southern California Gas Co. and the Yorba Linda Water District (YLWD) commemorated the installation of YLWD's new natural gas-powered electricity generator located at the water district's Elk Mountain Booster Pump Station. The generator was installed to provide back-up power in the event of power loss from wildfires, Public Safety Power Shutoffs, and other emergencies. 

Natural gas-powered generators are one of the cleanest, resilient, and most affordable energy solutions available for backup energy in an event of an emergency.

In case of an emergency, such as an earthquake or wildfire, the generator produces 500 kWh electricity to power three pumps that boost water into higher elevations and maintain water service to many of Yorba Linda's 68,000 residents as well as emergency services in the area.

"During wildfires, having a reliable water source is essential," said YLWD president Phil Hawkins. "People need water to put out fires. YLWD needs power to move water. The Natural Gas Backup Generator adds that power reliability to our system. It gives first responders and residents more protection from the dangerous wildfires that plague our community."

"I was pleased to support YLWD in obtaining the necessary permits," said Yorba Linda City Council Member Carlos Rodriguez. "As a Governing Board Member of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, I had the privilege to assist with this clean energy project. This is a critical step to ensure Yorba Linda families and homes are protected from power-related water emergencies thanks to this backup energy source."

"Resiliency tools such as this natural gas-powered generator offer our communities the support they need during an emergency event," said Rasha Prince, director of customer energy solutions at SoCalGas. "This onsite generation system will help provide reliable, clean, and affordable energy to YLWD during grid outages caused by fires or other emergencies."

To support high reliability and cost savings, YLWD chose to take advantage of a new SoCalGas' rate class called the Core Electric Generating Rate. This new rate offers an affordable option for SoCalGas' commercial customers who require unrestricted services for electric generating equipment.

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