NexTraq, a GPS fleet tracking and fleet management company, released its new distracted driving software, NexTraq DriveGuard. The solution allows companies to discourage distracted driving by blocking or restricting calls, text, emails, web browsing and more while driving.

NexTraq DriveGuard is powered by Cellcontrol, a distracted driving technology company based in Baton Rouge, La. The technology uses a Bluetooth Trigger Unit coupled with a mobile application on a mobile device to block or restrict calls, emails, texting and web browsing.

NexTraq DriveGuard works on phones, smartphones, laptops, handhelds and tablets using, among others,  BlackBerry, Android, Windows, Java and iOS systems.

"With DriveGuard, our goal is to help companies reduce driver risk while simultaneously reducing costs, such as liability payments and insurance,” said Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq.

Find out more about Nextraq DriveGuard here.

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